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For the Colonial Warrior who shares a similar name, see: Barton.
Dan Barton
[[Image:|200px|Dan Barton]]
Portrays: Canaris Crewman (credited on-screen as "Crewman")
Date of Birth: 1921
Date of Death: 13, 2009

Dan Barton is an actor of film and television, in addition to voice work, who portrayed a crewman on the shuttle Canaris in "The Man With Nine Lives", a role he did not have to audition for.[1]

During World War II, he was an editor of a humor magazine in Paris during his time in the United States Army.

He began his career in Chicago on the radio by accident. At the time, Barton began in a radio program called Skippy playing Somerset Morgan, and worked alongside Mel Tormé, Dom Machee and Les Tremayne.[1]

He would later appear in various television series from the early 1950s to the late 1970s, including Playhouse 90 in the episode "The Edge of Innocence" opposite Lorne Greene (Commander Adama).

In 1949 he married actress Anne Barton (best known for her role in Leave it to Beaver as Eddie Haskell's mother), with whom they had a daughter, actress Susan Berman neé Barton, and a son, Steven.[2] They were married until her death on November 27, 2000 from cancer.[3]

He remarried on May 1, 2005, his best man being John Forsythe, the actor who is best known as the voice of "Charlie" in Charlie's Angels.[1]

For the past 20 years, he has been doing voiceover and narration work in documentaries and commercials. He worked for 12 years doing commercials for Northup Aircraft, and has done commercials for Nike. [1]

Additionally, in a twist even Barton himself finds ironic, he worked on television and radio campaign advertisements for Republicans, including Arnold Schwartzenegger and Elizabeth Dole; Barton is a Democrat.[1]

On December 13, 2009, Dan Barton died of heart failure and kidney disease, this coming after the actor had been ill for several months. He was 88.

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