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A 1999 continuation revival attempt by Battlestar Galactica Original Series creator Glen A. Larson and Todd Moyer, producer of Wing Commander and a handful of other science fiction theatrical releases, involved a motion picture focusing on a battlestar Atlantis and its relationship to the lost colony of Earth.

The concept of a Battlestar Galactica movie revival began to grow again in 1999 in the wake of Richard Hatch's completion of his mock movie trailer to promote Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming. According to Larson, the motion picture rights for Battlestar Galactica had reverted to his company, and talks involving several film studios had been in progress, but had not yet solidified.

Later that year, Moyer and Larson announced that an independently produced Battlestar Galactica movie was in progress. The storyline would initially reintroduce Commander Cain and the crew of Pegasus, who discuss finding the lost Galactica and her Fleet, and the adventure of a battlestar named Atlantis, which carried the Thirteenth Tribe to colonize Earth.

Hatch and Larson were indicated to have met to consider working together on the same continuation, but further discussions never occurred. Larson and Moyer continued to clarify their "sole and exclusive" motion picture rights in other interviews and publications.

While Hatch succeeded in generating an impressive (if unofficial) mock trailer that added more fuel to the revival efforts, Larson's claim to the motion picture rights appeared confirmed during the sell of Universal Pictures to the Vivendi Group.

In August 1999, a comparatively simple trailer for the Larson revival appeared, stating a movie release period of Christmas, 2000.

Larson was credited as creative consultant to the Re-imagined Series and is also credited as the story creator.


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