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Issue 6
Issue 6
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 6
Writer(s) Greg Pak
Penciller(s) Nigel Raynor
Inker(s) Nigel Raynor
Cover Artist(s) Jonathan Lau
Nigel Raynor
Stjepan Sejic
Adaptation of Gaps in Season 2
Collects Foil Cover
Raynor Negative Art Cover
Sejic Virgin Cover
Collected in Battlestar Galactica Volume II
Reprinted as
ISBN 725130058867
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As a terrorist group hounds the Returners and jeopardizes the Fleet, a second Number Eight appears with survivors of the Cylon holocaust and a confusing origin.

In the Fleet

  • On the Phaeton 5, a Returner, Marco Lesa, stows away, with the child that would be his daughter, Jenny. A group of what appear to be Colonial Marines call out and search for Lesa, asking him to help with Commander Adama's plan to aid the Fleet on the path to Earth.
  • Lesa believes the marines and surrenders. But the marines are actually members of the Earth Protectorate. One tosses a grenade at Lesa, which explodes.
  • On Galactica, Lesa is in sickbay when Commander Adama arrives to speak with him. Lesa's injuries are severe and has lost an arm and leg. Adama tells him that young Jenny was unhurt as Lesa shielded her from the grenade. Adama asks Lesa to help in the cause.
  • Outside, Adama orders Dr. Cottle (who is aware that the "Earth key" cause that Adama created is just a distraction to keep the terrorists at bay) to insert special explosive detonators in the necks of Lesa and every Returner that cooperates. As Cottle vehemently objects to this order, Lt. Gaeta arrives to report on the Fleet's situation.
  • The Earth Protectorate's attacks have damaged several FTL drives in the Fleet. While the repair crews are under guard, five ships, including Galactica, remain without jump ability. The Fleet is hiding in a debris field to elude Cylon detection.
  • The Fleet's first line of defense is, paradoxically, their own Cylons: Antebellum Centurions who claim loyalty to the humans, but are the same model that eventually rebelled and fought against the Colonies over 50 years before.
  • Hiding in the debris field makes DRADIS work poorly. Complicating the matter is the Returner virus, which has grounded three-quarters of the entire population of the Fleet.
  • Later, Adama meets with Caprica-Valerii, who warns him that a second Sharon received a partial download of herself after Caprica-Valerii was clinically dead, asyphxiated by an antebellum Cylon earlier. She warns that Cylon forces may be on their way.
  • Adama takes the advice, but remains reluctant to fully trust Caprica-Valerii, or any Cylon.
  • Elsewhere, In the Corovian star repair shuttle commandeered by the confused Captain" Sharon Valerii, crews are shuffled about to keep every human alive prior to a jump to the Fleet. Captain Valerii appears to have shifting memories of her nature, but generally believes she is human.
  • Captain Valerii calculates the precise jump coordinates, astounding the humans working with her on the barge, who believe that such calculations would take hours, normally.
  • Captain Valerii orders the jump, with some of the humans holding on to the side of the barge as best they can.
  • Back on Colonial One, President Laura Roslin and Commander Adama (over wireless) discuss their Fleet's complications. If the sickened members of the Fleet do not survive (barring having to abandon any ship that cannot make a jump), Roslin warns Adama that the remaining 3,000 humans (1,000 of which with reproductive potential) would not allow humanity to survive; the gene pool would be too small. Roslin and Adama agree that the FTL drives must be given top priority.
  • Just as Roslin concludes her talk with Adama, an explosion rocks Colonial One.
  • A marine leads an antebellum Cylon team to Colonial One to ward off the attack on the ship.
  • Onboard, several humans from the Corovian barge and Captain Valerii battle against the antebellum Cylons. Several civilians are shown as wounded or killed in the firefight.
  • The Eight's forces overcome the marine unit and hold Roslin hostage. Roslin tries to explain the origin of the old-model Cylons, further confusing Captain Valerii, when a loud clang rings through the ship, suggesting another ship is attempting to board the presidential ship.
  • When Captain Valerii encounters Commander Adama below decks as part of the second boarding team, she relaxes her guard. As she begins to say that Adama himself could be a Cylon, Caprica-Valerii appears from the breeching ship, shocking Captain Valerii to realize she herself is a Cylon.
  • Caprica-Valerii attempts to explain what is happening when Captain Valerii attacks and stuns Caprica-Valerii, then escapes the ship in another Raptor.
  • Caprica-Valerii attempts to convince Captain Valerii to return, trying to convince her that her actions show that she is not like most of her kind, but the confused Cylon refuses. As she tries to warn Adama to escape with the Fleet, she spots several modern Cylon Centurions hiding on large hulks in the debris field. They have spotted her ship, and know the Fleet's location.


  • Before she encountered Caprica-Valerii, what did Captain Valerii believe she was?


  • A serious continuity gaffe in this issue: When Caprica-Valerii warns Adama of incoming Cylons after her near-death experience, she specifically mentions a Resurrection Ship. In the canonical Re-imagined Series, the Fleet does not know of the existence of these vessels until shortly after Pegasus joins the Fleet (which is outside the timeline of this comic series).

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