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Issue 5
Issue 5
An issue of the Dynamite first series.
Issue No. 5
Writer(s) Greg Pak
Penciller(s) Nigel Raynor
Inker(s) Nigel Raynor
Cover Artist(s) Jonathan Lau
Nigel Raynor
Stjepan Sejic
Adaptation of Between "Home, Part II" and "Pegasus"
Collects Lau Sketch Cover
Raynor Sketch Cover
Collected in Battlestar Galactica Volume II
Reprinted as
ISBN [[Special:Booksources/|]]
Population 47,835 Survivors (Symbol Down Arrow.svg -9)
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Caprica-Valerii is attacked by an antebellum Centurion, while Commander Adama and President Roslin decide the fate of the Returners.

On Galactica

  • Caprica-Valerii suffers clinical death at the hands of an antebellum Centurion. Karl Agathon manages to destroy the wayward Centurion as Valerii's life signs fade, but is carried away by other Centurions that believe they are protecting him from Valerii.
  • Commander Adama arrives and uses the failsafe remote detonator given to him by Gaius Baltar to destroy the Centurions in the room. He orders a medical unit to resuscitate Valerii.
  • Valerii's consciousness begins to download, but only partially when Valerii is resuscitated by Dr. Cottle.
  • Caprica-Valerii tells Helo that she believes another humanoid Cylon copy of herself, with her memories, is somewhere out there, and she does not know what she will do.
  • Gaius Baltar speaks with his virtual Number Six, who is concerned that the old Cylon models would kill her by killing Baltar. She warns him to get the remote back from Adama and destroy every older Cylon model onboard.
  • Commander Adama is pleased with the remote, but questions why the antebellum Cylons detected Caprica-Valerii as a "renegade" Cylon, but not the Returners on board. Adama questions if Baltar's assessment that the copy of Adama's late son, Zak Adama, was a Cylon after all.
  • Baltar equivocates, saying that the Returners may not have had the same characteristics of the later humanoid Cylons, or that the antebellum Centurions are malfunctioning.
  • When Baltar attempts to retrieve the remote, Adama refuses, believing that the removal of the old Cylons would be playing into a Cylon plan.
  • In sickbay, Lee Adama and Kara Thrace are at the bedside of Anastasia Dualla, who is unconscious, infected with the Returner virus. Captain Adama himself is also still infected, but unlike most, is able to move about for a brief time each day.
  • Thrace and Captain Adama question whether Zak Adama actually existed again, for a time.
  • As the bedridden Dualla becomes awake briefly, the Returner that looks like her brother, Darrin Dualla, appears at her bed, startling Thrace as she pulls her sidearm. When she asks how the Returner was allowed to be in sickbay, Commander Adama appears to tell her that he allowed the visit.
  • Later, in his quarters, Commander Adama tells Thrace that everything that the Cylons do, either through destructive means or under the illusion of benevolence, has tried to divide the morale of the Fleet, including the existence of Zak and Thrace's mixed feelings about her commander's position about Zak's legitimacy.
  • Adama concludes that, if the Returners are killed, every religious fanatic or family member will hate their killers. So, to thwart any Cylon plan, Adama chooses to accept the Returners as family--for now.
  • A press conference held by Adama and President Laura Roslin goes over the prophetic nature of the Sacred Scrolls as they pertain to recent events, particularly the Returners. Roslin believes that the Returners are a key to the quest for Earth.
  • Adama briefs the reporters. His "scientists" have found a kind of code in Returner bodies that will be a key in the next three jumps of the Fleet.
  • Adama offers amnesty for every Returner to come forward.
  • Elsewhere, members of the Earth Protectorate are skeptical of Adama's plan. Their leader tells his men to get the Returner list being distributed throughout the Fleet.
  • Dr. Baltar questions Adama about his "scientists", knowing that Lt. Gaeta hasn't the experience to do such an analysis. Adama explains to Baltar that the jump key information is a ruse that he is using to compel the Earth Protectorate to concentrate their attacks on the Returners themselves instead of the FTL drives on Fleet ships, buying time against further Cylon strategy.
  • Moments later, Roslin is told that a Returner was found dead in the recreation room of the civilian ship Destiny. When Baltar comments on the speed of the retaliation, Adama replies that he asked himself one question: What would a Cylon do?

In Space

  • A Number Eight agent, in a flight suit, now fused with a partial set of memories from Caprica-Valerii, finds herself fighting for her fading memories of Helo and with a group of men surrounding her Raptor.
  • The men are trying to claim the Eight's ship, and suggest sexually assaulting Valerii afterwards. Valerii retaliates by shooting her first attacker, abandoning the Raptor and using her sidearm as a thruster.
  • Drifting in space, Valerii begins to lose her fight for her memories when she is attacked again by another man with a large knife. As others approach, Valerii gains control of the knife and threatens to kill the man if he doesn't call off other approaching men, some of them with other archaic bladed weapons.
  • The man explains that they were part of a non-union construction crew working on an illegal satellite expansion during the Cylon attack on the Colonies. The Cylons destroyed the satellite and three of their transport ships, leaving one barge built for twenty crew with one hundred stranded men.
  • The ship's captain created a system where the other men outside must scavenge for things to give to the captain in order to get time inside the ship. Valerii is considered a ticket for at least one week in the ship by these men.
  • The Valerii fights off more attackers before giving them a counterproposal: Instead of attacking her, join her to take the ship itself.
  • The stranded men agree. The captain of the ship notices the change in attitude, realizes that Valerii is wearing a Colonial officer uniform and that the entire group is approaching. He orders the firing of his ship's last missile, but Valerii is able to detonate it with a corpse of one of her attackers before it could strike her group.
  • Valerii shoots open a window before the captain can get his pressure suit. She assassinates the captain, then orders equal shifts for everyone in and outside the ship.
  • Valerii orders the transfer of her Raptor's FTL drive to the ship and a special dock for the outsiders to "hold on" to when the ship takes a jump.
  • Captain Valerii's destination for the barge: Galactica.


  • Why are the outside crew of the barge in possession of large, dangerous weapons that could damage their pressure suits?
  • Where is this barge? Without an FTL drive, it must still be within Colonial space, and the Fleet is quite far from this location.
  • How the Hell did Sharon manage to remain pregnant after she downloaded?


  • At the time of the comic's production, the Cylon Resurrection process (including Resurrection Ships) had not been detailed on screen. As a result the process detailed in the comic differs greatly from what would later be established in the main continuity.
    • The comic continuity states that the Cylons can control what memories an individual keeps when s/he downloads. Also, they are apparently able to download into currently active bodies. No Resurrection Ship is required.

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