Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy (Open Court)

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This article describes a book by Josef Steiff and Tristan D. Tamplin. For a general analysis of the series's philosophical aspects, see Philosophy in Battlestar Galactica. For the book from the Blackwell series, see Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Knowledge Here Begins Out There.
Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy
Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy
A book of the Pop Culture and Philosophy (Open Court) line
Book No. 1
Author(s) Josef Steiff and Tristan D. Tamplin
Adaptation of
No. of Pages
Published 2008
ISBN 0812696433
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Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy (Open Court Publishing, 2008, ISBN 0812696433), edited by Josef Steiff and Tristan D. Tamplin, is an essay collection dealing with philosophy and Battlestar Galactica. It is part of Open Court's Philosophy and Pop Culture Series.

According to the publisher's website, the book "will include a brief analysis of the original 1970s/80s series but concentrate primarily on the episodes, characters and issues from the entire re-imagined series (including its fourth and final season, scheduled to begin airing in early 2008) as well as the 2-hour TV movie and direct-to-DVD release, Razor."[1]


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