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The various character bio pages need to be given a unified format. A proposal follows. Feel free to discuss it on the talk page.

Naming Conventions

All character bio pages should be named in the format "First Last", without middle names, initials or callsigns. Redirects should be made from all possible forms. Thus, the article for "Helo" will be at "Karl Agathon" with the following redirects:

  • Helo
  • Karl C. Agathon

Where no name is available, a callsign is acceptable (e.g. Stepchild) or a brief statement of occupation (e.g. Armistice Officer).

Where necessary, disambiguate with the following (in order of preference):


Use the {{Character Data}} template where possible, along with a photograph.

{{Character Data
| photo= Character.jpg

If there isn't sufficient information to fill at least a few fields of the character template, just take note of the remaining details in the text and use a thumbnail image. This is largely a judgment call.

Links to IMDB listings are preferred to stubs on actors in minor parts.

Characters With Confusing Identity Issues

Sanne is seen clearly identified (in writing) as the representative of both Picon and Leonis. Apparently he was identified as being of Picon verbally, and switched Picon's vote to Zarek. --Steelviper 11:33, 4 December 2005 (EST)

List of Characters wanting pictures

How to read this list: Names struck through indicate a verification that all the pictures listed have been added to their article. Under the name, place which pictures you think would be good to add and, if you can, mention the episode it would best come from. Picture descriptions struck through mean they've been created, but not necessarily uploaded or added. Articles on this list don't have to need pictures; inclusion for simple beautification is fine.

  • None.


To get character names to show up in the order Last, First on category pages (which is the desirable sorting order) use the default sort magic template before the category tags:

{{DEFAULTSORT:Cain, Helena}}
[[Category:A to Z]] 
[[Category:Characters (RDM)]] 

Additionally, all Character pages should, of course, include the categories "A to Z" and "Characters". See below for list of applicable categories.

List of Applicable Categories

Applicable for All Character Pages

Applicable for TOS Character Pages

Applicable for RDM Character Pages


All Character articles should include a short introductory paragraph describing the character. General personality description should go here and mirroring information from the Character Data Template is acceptable.

For articles with more than just this introductory information, this paragraph should be immediately followed by the first heading: Biography. This section can be divided up into smaller headings by chronology as applicable.

For articles on Humanoid Cylons, use top-level divisions to note distinct copies/versions/instances. Use proper names where available (as in the Number Six article), or a short description where not (as in Aaron Doral). Where necessary, notes, analysis, etc. can be provided on a per-copy basis under subheadings as in regular character pages, and for the model as a whole in first-level headings beneath the sections on particular copies.