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This is the overview. Basically, a summary of what the idea is about. You can get into the details later on.

Episode Transcripts comes down to this. We already transcript the podcasts, maybe we should go and transcribe the actual episodes for historical values. I know their are sites that already do this (and if we ask them to use soom), but using a possible Episode transcripts as a place to cite, would be good and useful. So what would we need to do.

  1. Create project page (BW:EPI) based off BW:POD.
  2. New Namespace Episode:
  3. Template {{episode}} just like {{podcast}}
    Tad more detail since we can not host the video files on BSG Wiki.

Basically it would involve watching the Closed Captioning of the shows.

  • [ Text inside these ] would be actions.
  • $ Music Here $ with maybe the wikifiy of the type of music.
  • ( Emotion ) of characters action mid sentence (since we have no visual)

That's about it. :)