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BSG WIKI ThinkTank.png This page is one of Battlestar Wiki's many projects.
This page serves to coordinate discussion on a particular aspect of this Wiki. The formal recommendations of a project may be treated as policies.

The Think Tank is a way to be bold and get other people to help in your quest to make bold actions on the wiki. The following are items that are considered major decisions which must go through the Think Tank vetting process prior to any implementation:

  • New policy proposals.
  • New projects.
  • New templates.
  • Extensive modifications to already existing policies.
  • Anything considered major by administrator (and/or community) consensus.

Any of these must be proposed prior to implementation. This process ensures that the originator of the idea receives the proper feedback and that all ideas are properly fleshed out prior to any wiki-wide implementation. Basically, "let's make a plan before we hit the ground running".


To propose a new idea, add the name of the idea below:

<inputbox> type=create width=75 prefix=Battlestar Wiki:Think Tank/ default=Name of idea buttonlabel=Create Idea preload=Template:thinktank </inputbox>

  1. Save page, then re-edit. Fill out all applicable fields.
  2. Once you're done, save the page and add the following to Current ideas:
    * [[Battlestar Wiki:Think Tank/name of idea]]


The input of all interested members of the community is needed for the Think Tank to operate properly. Any user may comment on proposed ideas on the discussion page of the proposal. (Comments should not be added to the actual proposal itself. Also, do note that changes to the proposal itself should be made when consensus on debated items is determined.)

Should a vote be necessary to determine consensus, all administrators are required to vote on the proposal, using {{oppose}}, {{support}} or {{neutral}}, with explainations on their vote.

For voting, a reasonable time frame must be put into place; the default deadline for voting on proposals should be seven days. When indicating a deadline, please include the date and time in UTC. Deadlines can be extended, but only if the necessity of such an action is determined by a majority.

Administrator instructions

To determine consensus at the end of voting, add up the total number of support votes and divide by the total number of votes. Should the number meet or exceed 80%, then the Think Tank proposal passes. Anything between 45-55% of support will be considered as not having achieved consensus. Proposals that have not achieved consensus are to be shelved for a period time until it can be brought back into the light.

Once done, the proposals are to be archived for future reference, and separated into three groups: Successful proposals, Unsuccessful proposals, and Proposals without consensus.

To archive a page, add one the following to the top of each page:

  1. For successful proposals: {{ttp}}
  2. For unsuccessful proposals: {{ttu}}
  3. For proposals without consensus: {{ttnc}}

And to all proposals, add the following to the bottom: {{ttf}}


This is where all the ideas are located and, when applicable, archived.

Current ideas

Current ideas under Vote

Past ideas

Successful proposals

Unsuccessful proposals

Proposals without consensus

Note: These proposals are rendered inactive. It is recommended that they are to stay that way for a pre-determined period of time, until they can be revisited with refreshed minds.

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