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This is a proposal to implement a ticket-based correction/feedback system on Battlestar Wiki, in lieu of permitting anonymous editors.


From the feedback I've been gathering from our survey, there are people who would like to contribute corrections to the wiki, but feel they can't figure out how to make changes through the MediaWiki software we use.

One of the ways to do this is to set up a ticket system. Basically, people would send us corrections through a ticket system, like FlySpray.

The ticket system would be open to everyone, so people would not require a log-on in order to send tickets through the system.

The ticket system has advantages over simple e-mail, which include allowing peer-evaluation of ticket statuses, the ability for multiple people to answer tickets, as well as allowing a means to organize issues.

Why not just let anonymous users post?

The issue has been brought up repeatedly over the course of our life as to why we don't allow Anonymous edits. It's primarily because of quality control issues: we simply don't have enough people to police the wiki AND contribute to its development. As discussed on the Chiefs noticeboard, we have a great work ethic amongst our chiefs: "contributors first, chiefs/admins second", and to open the floodgates would change this for the worse.

So to avoid those problems, it's easier to set up a ticket system that people can keep track of. That way, people won't have to worry about their comments being edited, or the like.


An installation of FlySpray for demonstration purposes is here [].

It will obviously need polish, but it gives us an idea of what kind of system we'd be using.


Discuss this here.