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Hulu Episodes has BSG epsiodes for free-watching. This has already been implemented, but the way we categorize the "Watch" pages has come under question. Should the watch pages where the video's are embedded be catergorized or the Episode guides themselfs.

Watch page

  • Quicker to find
  • Allows users to quickly see if it's availability to watch -- massive hits for sure.
  • Add an extra ad to the watch pages
  • We are first and foremost a wiki (BW:NOT)
  • Would this make our site a pure watch and not content related
  • Might violate TOS if we add an extra ad to the watch page. (read above)

Episode Guide

  • People would be subject to at least the teaser before they started watching the episode
  • People would get an early look into who was involved
  • We could set it to open a new window allowing for duel watching
  • Could be a "clickable' popup, allowing for watching and editing at the same time.
  • Extra steps to get to the pages
  • Might be confusing to the user if they do not notice it in the {{Episode Data}} template.