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RC Patrol

Sysops have the ability to mark articles and diffs "patrolled" to indicate that the page has been looked over. Now why I bring this up? Sometimes the Recent changes (RC) list gets long. I suggest like we do with the trusted group, have just a patrol group that allows non-sysops to mark articles partrolled so sysops would not have to. Very usefull for making sure everything is ok, etc. etc.

The group will mark the pages patroled if everything is set with the Policies set forth by the wiki. This just indicats that's there no foul "play"involed. Doesn't mean the article is finshed.

Sysops... for reference...
  • The ! in front is the Patroled icon.
    • OR if you are in the article itself, it's on the bottom right.
  • In Special:Newpages items boxed are not patrolled.
  • Under "Preferences" → "Editing" → "Mark edits I make as patrolled"
    • Enabling auto-does ours. (Should enable)
Min. Requirments to get in group "RC Patrol"
  • 500 Usefull Edits
  • Majority Sysop Vote