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Caprica is the name of one of the Twelve Colonies in both the Re-imagined Series and Original Series. In both series, it is the cultural and governmental hub for the Twelve Colonies.

The planet is named after the constellation of Capricorn/Capricornus from the Zodiac. This constellation itself is commonly associated with the goat nymph Amalthea (Capra meaning she-goat) who, according to Greek Mythology, raised Zeus and was later placed into the heavens by him.

Amalthea is symbolised by the cornucopia overflowing with fruits and grain which reflects Caprica's material and cultural affluence.

For the spin-off that depicts the events leading up to the Cylon War in the Re-imagined Series, see Caprica series.


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Major subjects

  • See The Twelve Colonies (TOS) for information on the colony in the Original Series.
  • See Caprica (RDM) for information on the colony as depicted in the Re-imagined Series.
  • See Caprica-Six for information on a Number Six copy named by the other Cylons in the Re-imagined series.
  • See Sharon Agathon, who was initially referred to as "Caprica Valerii" before given a proper name and callsign.
  • See New Caprica for information relating to the colony with that name.
  • See the Caprica portal for information about the television series of that name (2010-)

Minor subjects


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  1. This is not considered canon, but is noted on Battlestar Wiki because of its association with a piece of merchandise.

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