Caprican Air Force

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The Caprican Air Force is a branch of the Caprican military under the Caprican Ministry of Defense in the years prior to the unification of the Twelve Colonies under a single government.

Along with the Caprican Marine Corps, the Caprican Air Force is part of an effort by the Caprican Government to build a robotic army. Air Force personnel are present during early testing of Graystone Industries' U-87 Cyber Combat Unit, marking their involvement in the creation of the first Cylon in the Twelve Colonies (CAP: "Pilot").

Fifty-eight years before the Fall, the Caprican Air Force and the Marines dispatch two aircraft to pursue the prototype Cylon after it escapes from Graystone Industries in Caprica City. Pursuing the robot out of the city and into the outlying woods, the chase is ended when the Cylon drives its vehicle into a Marine roadblock, resulting in a large explosion that nearly hits the military craft (CAP: "End of Line").