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For the actress having the same first name, see: Charity James.


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Introduced Greetings from Earth
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Parents Sarah Fowler
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Portrayed by Michelle Larson
Charity is a Cylon
Charity is a Final Five Cylon
Charity is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Charity is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Charity in the separate continuity

Charity is the daughter of Sarah. Unable to go to Terra due to genetic tampering by the Terran government, she is predisposed to atmospheres of lower pressure.

When the automaton Hector mistakes Lieutenant Starbuck for Charity; he learns of his error by the scolding of Vector.

Charity is instrumental in getting Melanie and Todd away from the Eastern Alliance enforcers lead by Commandant Leiter, and soliciting the assistance of the Morelands (Greetings from Earth).


  • Like most of Sarah's children, Charity was portrayed by one of Glen A. Larson's children.