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Issue 5
Issue 5
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 5
Writer(s) Rick Remender
Penciller(s) Carlos Rafael
Cover Artist(s) Dave Dorman
Carlos Rafael
Adaptation of
Published November 2006
Collects Rafael Negative Cover
Collected in Classic Battlestar Galactica
Reprinted as
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Galactica finds itself boarded by Cylons after leaving Maytoria.


  • Shot and killed by a Cylon boarding party, Stadra Ah Mun is held by Starbuck, now face to face with the Cylons.
  • Instinctively, Starbuck dives for cover and, rather than fighting, stalls the Cylons by shooting a fire surpression system, buying him time to escape and warn others.
  • Apollo quickly learns of the alarm and its nature and tries to evacuate the civilians from the area, but Cylons enter and begin to attack. Athena begins fighting with the handful of Colonial Warriors in the bay, Adama included.
  • In Core command, Tigh orders Rigel to get the ship to alert status.
  • But the IL-series Cylon and a pack of Cylons manage to invade core command. The IL-series orders Tigh to send a communication to the Maytorian Cylon base to inform them of his success in taking Galactica.
  • In the bay, partially pinned down, Adama and Apollo coordinate covering fire to help the last evacuate to the supply vault, a relative safe-zone in the ship. The Maytorians and Galactica personnel gather their weapons for a counter-assault.
  • When Apollo asks his father to go with the civilians, Adama's anger arises. He chooses to stay with his Warriors to fight for his ship. Starbuck tells Freg of Stadra's demise. When Freg angrily seeks revenge, Adama stops him to talk to him of a plan before he lets him go.
  • At a console, Apollo sees the worst: Cylons in control of the ship in core command. Adama tells them that the situation is worse: Outside, a basestar has arrived. Raiders immediately destroy the personnel carrier and attack other civilian ships.
  • Adama manages to get on ship-wide communications, ordering all pilots to their Vipers by any means necessary, and for others to hide.
  • A wave of Vipers deploy, but they are few in number.
  • As the Vipers fight off the Raiders, a Cylon party captures Adama as Muffit scurries away, ignored by the Cylons.
  • In Core command, Adama encounters the IL-series Cylon, who boasts of his victory. But Adama suddenly initiates a computerized self-destruct sequence: "Set security protocol self-destruct -- pass code: Beta, Ila." The IL-series is stunned and surprised that Adama will ensure mutual destruction of both his battlestar and the basestar rather than let Galactica be captured.
  • Apollo and others realize that Galactica is on self-destruct, but can't return to help; there are too many Raiders to manage.
  • As the Cylons evacuate to their personnel carrier, the IL-series Cylon attempts to assassinate Adama, but just then, Freg enters to save Adama, who cancels self-destruct.
  • Freg found the munitions room per his plan with Adama, and has left Muffit there to handle a special task.
  • Muffit was apparently programmed to monitor the retreating Cylon troop carrier, now armed with bombs left onboard by Freg.
  • As the freighter enters the basestar, Muffit detonates the ordnance, destroying not only the neighboring basestar and its troops, but an Imperious Leader and the unnamed IL-series Cylon with it.
  • After the Vipers clean up the last Raiders, the Fleet makes for a speedy exit from Maytorian space.
  • After the battle, in Adama's quarters, Freg's daughter plays with Muffit and Boxey as Adama congratulates Freg for his exemplary work in saving not only Adama but Galactica as well, realizing that, if he tried to give the same order to Apollo or other regular crew, their emotional closeness would not have allowed them to endanger Adama.
  • Starbuck sits in his quarters, mourning Stadra's death. Boomer's attempt to cheer him up fails, but Starbuck appreciates the gesture as he drinks in solitude.
  • Starbuck notes to himself that the Fleet is leaving the Deltian Nebula, at the far boundary of their system, realizing he'd never been this far out in space. He ponders if the worst is behind them, or more "constant peril" awaits them all.




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