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When dealing with or discussing Battlestar Galactica, fans tend to make or repeat one or more pieces of erroneous information. While the Wiki has corrected these assertions in their respective articles, this page serves as a central point of reference. Ok, so it's a cheat sheet. Deal with it.

Errors with numbers

  • There were never only twelve battlestars in the Original Series. We don't know where this came from and Glen Larson put this one to rest a long time ago, in an interview somewhere far, far away.
  • Nowhere is it said that there are twelve Lords of Kobol in the Re-imagined Series.

Errors with names

Galactica 1980

  • Galactica 1980... is a big mistake. There's no really disputing that. It was a horrible experience for everyone concerned.
  • 1980 was not made on the cheap. It still cost over a million dollars to produce.


  • battlestar: The "S" in "battlestar" is not capitalized.
  • "frack" vs. "frak"
    1. Frack with a "C" is the spelling from the Original Series. And it never meant "fuck". It means shit.
    2. Frak (with no "C" to be seen) does mean "fuck". Further, when spelling "frakker", use two "K"s.
  • Galactica: Galactica is spelled with only one "L". It is not spelled with two, like Gallactica.
  • Laura Roslin: Roslin's last name is spelled with an "I". The "I" is not a "Y". Ergo, "Roslyn" and "Rosalyn" are incorrect.

And finally...

  • The Last Motherfucking[1] Cylon... is who ever Ron Moore and crew decide he or she should be. If it works in the context of the story, all the better.
  • Also, let's remember that it's a fucking television show. If you do not like it, do not watch it.[2] There are 500 other channels on the boob tube. And certain channels even show boobs[3] and tubes[4]. Cool, eh?
  • And if you don't like what else is on television, read a book.[5]
  • Oh, and a word of advice, if you see anyone claim to have complete knowledge of anything (encyclopedic or otherwise)... use a flashlight and enlighten them.
  • Further, ego will get you nowhere... but a bad end.

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  1. Yes, children use "frak"; grownups use "fuck".
  2. See, Data is not the only one that doesn't use contractions. The only difference is between us and "him" is the fact that we have the ability to use them. Haha!
  3. boob noun - def. a stupid awkward person
  4. Such as those in science labs containing liquid or possibly life saving cures. Or not.
  5. Ignore what Grace Park said. It was only a joke on a third-rate talk show.