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Indirect use of lighting while speaking, as shown by Commander Adama

Flashlights are normally used in Colonial and Earth society as a means of lighting dark places. It was developed to replace the candle and the torch as a means of portable light.

Flashlights can also be used as a way to respond to boring conversation.

On Ragnar Anchorage, Commander William Adama became more than annoyed at Leoben Conoy's annoyingly hostile anti-human philosophies. Adama became more enraged when Conoy attempted to apply his philosophies directly at Adama by swinging a large steel pipe towards Adama's body.

Conoy: "There...Are...Four...Lights!"

Disagreeing with Conoy's insightful banter and attempted bludgeoning, Adama illuminated the interior of Conoy's skull with repeated and violent applications of his heavy Colonial-issue lantern flashlight. It is presumed that this particular Conoy model did not have further comment in light of Adama's persuasive responses.

Due to Ragnar's EM radiation and the severity of Adama's flashlight therapy, it is uncertain whether Conoy was able to transmit Adama's dissenting view on humanity back to one of his other copies. However, we can assume that he did indeed see a bright white light when he died.

Since this day, Adama has yet to settle an argument by insightfully going up-side an opponent's head with his flashlight, despite having plenty of opportunities to do so.

A recent look into Adama's past has revealed that his run-in with Conoy was not the first time he has settled a dispute with a Cylon through use of blunt force. Bereft of a flashlight at the time, young William Adama made do with a steel pipe to bring an argument with a Model 0005 Centurion to a conclusion. This Cylon was not as talkative as its descendant, but it got Adama's point nonetheless.

Could also be referred to as a "Bashlight".

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