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Dany Cooper
Role: Editor
BSG Universe: Re-imagined Series
Date of Birth:
Date of Death: ,
Nationality: AUS AUS
IMDb profile

Dany Cooper, ASE is an Australian editor on the Re-imagined Series.

Cooper has a B.A. in Fine Arts and Anthropology from the University of Sydney and a degree in film production techniques from North Sydney TAFE.[1]

Before beginning her editing career, she studied the violin and piano for a decade, playing in the Sydney Youth Orchestra.[1]

Since 1996[1], Cooper has worked with Michael Rymer as an editor of Angel Baby and Queen of the Damned. The former movie earned Cooper her first AFI Award as Editor in 1994. She won a second AFI Award for her editing of the film The Well in 1998.[2] She was later nominated for the AFI Award in 2006 for her work on the movie Candy.[3]

With regard to her work on Battlestar, Cooper began work as the editor of the Miniseries, which earned her an Emmy nomination in 2004.[2]

Cooper later worked on various episodes of the Re-imagined Series in Vancouver, British Columbia on the Lion's Gate lot, editing on a "rock solid" Avid 7.2 editing unit. She recalled that one of the easiest episodes to edit was Robert Young's "Six Degrees of Separation", because it was shot so tightly that it was virtually impossible to make any major editing changes.[4]

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