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This article covers the various depictions of Count Iblis from the tie-in novelizations, comic books, and other media.

Iblis is one of the few pivotal "one-shot" characters never to have appeared in either the Dynamite Entertainment or, even earlier, Marvel comics.

Maximum Press comics

Iblis is responsible for allowing the Cylons to follow the Colonials to Earth, and his powers have increased since the previous encounter.

Iblis is indirectly responsible for slaying Adama (although Adama himself is terminal), who stays behind on Adam and Eve's ark to learn about the ancient Kobollian technology. This event occurs during the Cylon attack, when Adama protects Adam from being slain by Baltar, who Iblis transports to Earth (War of Eden 14).

Realm Press comics

The two faces of Iblis: reptilian Cylon and human.

At the dawn of the first millennium of man, Count Iblis convinces the Cylon dictator Sobekkta to create a race of robotic creatures that would later take on the name "Cylon," after the extermination of their reptilian creators. Due to this interference and other transgressions, he is sentenced to "live only in death" for 7,000 yahren (Eve of Destruction - Prelude I: Nostalgie De La Boue). It is after his sentence ends that he encounters the humans fleeing from the robotic Cylons and attempts to subjugate them, resulting in the events depicted in "War of the Gods."

Amongst Iblis's powers, he is also capable of changing his appearance. To the Colonials, he appears human; to the reptilian Cylons, he appears as a green-skinned Cylon with a singular eye slit (Eve of Destruction - Prelude I: Nostalgie De La Boue).