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Adam is one of the original members of the Thirteenth Tribe that made its exodus from Kobol.

Adam convinced his father to leave Kobol after the other tribes had already left. Having successfully convinced his father to do so, he and his consort, Eve, left on one of the many pyramid arks. As with these other arks, his ark—later dubbed "Adam's Ark"—encountered an entity resembling Anubis who, without provocation, attacked—thus resulting in the decision to scatter the remaining members of the Thirteenth Tribe to increase their chances of getting to Earth. In suspended animation for many millennia, the ship successfully landed on Earth.

In the Colonial yahren 7362, Commander Adama opens the pyramid ark and awakens Adam and his consort, who are distressed to find that they had become cherished memories amongst the Colonials as well as the Cylon threat. This threat, thanks to Count Iblis, makes it to Earth and Adama stays behind to protect Adam and Eve. When Iblis teleports Baltar and two Centurions to the ark itself, Adama puts himself in front of a laser blast meant for Adam. Adam retaliates with his staff weapon, which destroys Baltar's Centurions, but fails to kill Baltar who escapes (TOS: War of Eden 3-4).

After the discovery of a being purporting to be Ares, another member of the Thirteenth Tribe, Adam voices his suspicions regarding Ares, which prove to be true (TOS: The Enemy Within 1-3).


  • Adama reveals that he is named after Adam.