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For other persons with John as a first name, see: John (disambiguation).
John (RDM)
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Introduced The Plan
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Portrayed by Alex Ferris
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[[Image:|200px|John (RDM)]]

John is a human child who lives on the battlestar Galactica after the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, having been abandoned by his parents. He takes up residence in Brother Cavil's chapel and tries to bond with him. Cavil has little patience for the boy and repeatedly ejects him from the sanctuary, though the boy continues to return. At last Cavil cedes to the boy's tenacity and grudgingly welcomes him into the chapel. He feeds him and speaks with him at length, sharing his musings on issues and eventually asks him his name. The boy says his name is John, and that he considers the two of them to be friends. Cavil then promptly murders the boy with the knife he was using to cut an apple and coldly shoves his corpse away (TRS: "The Plan").


John the child serves as a parable to John Cavil the Cylon and his evolution both over the course of "The Plan" and the series itself. Their situations are quite similar: both have still-living parents who, for varying reasons, are no longer associated with their children, and both interpret that as their parents no longer wanting them. Furthermore, John's tenacious attempts to ingratiate himself to Cavil mirror Cavil's twisted attempts to win the love of his "parents," the Final Five. Both attempts are misguided and ultimately cost them both their lives.


  • The character is not named in the closing credits, but is referred to simply as "Boy".