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Medivac 12
Medivac 12
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Medivac 12 was a Medivac in the Caprican Expeditionary Fleet destroyed by the Sagittarian fleet during the Third Colonial Conflict.

Months after the Fall of the Twelve Colonies and decades after the Third Colonial Conflict, Galactica discovers it drifting in space in a graveyard of other antiquated Colonial ships, under attack by the Cylons. The ship is afire as it suffers hull breeches and other damage.

Medivac 12 is populated with people who had died during or long before the Cylon Holocaust.

Laura Roslin believes that the ship is one mentioned in the Sacred Scrolls: "The dead will return in an ark of fire."

Inhabitants of the ship include Darrin Dualla, Zak Adama, Jane Esolia, and Sparto Relamia (Battlestar Galactica 0).