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Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell
Portrays: "Desperate man"
Date of Birth:
Date of Death: ,

Michael Anthony Mitchell is an stunt coordinator, stuntman, actor and director.

Mitchell's involvement with the Re-imagined Series began as stunt coordinator for the Miniseries. He portrayed a uncredited desperate man trying to get off of Caprica in the lottery scene (Miniseries, Night 1).

Mitchell provided stunt coordination in all Season 1 episodes, as well as Season 2 episodes "Fragged" and "The Farm".

Mitchell's stuntwork filmography is massive, with over 80 theatrical film credits as stunt coordinator or stunt double in movies and television shows including Bicentennial Man, I, Robot, Dark Angel, X-Men 2 (directed by past Battlestar continuation project co-producer Bryan Singer), X-Men: The Last Stand, Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Mitchell also has credits as a second unit or assistant director for the TV series Dark Angel as well as the movies Painkiller Jane and Underfunded.