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For the character with the same last name in the Re-imagined Series continuity, see Silas Nash.
Nash (1980)
Nash (1980)


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Birth place Galactican Fleet
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Introduced Spaceball
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Role Warrior and Viper pilot on Galactica
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Portrayed by Jeremy Brett
Nash (1980) is a Cylon
Nash (1980) is a Final Five Cylon
Nash (1980) is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Nash (1980) is an Original Series Cylon
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Nash (1980) in the separate continuity
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Nash is a Galactican Pilot on Galactica who was born in the Galactican Fleet after the exodus from the Twelve Colonies.

His identity is stolen by Xaviar, who uses technology to temporarily transform himself to resemble Nash. In the disguise, Xavier tricks Troy and Dillon by giving them a Viper that he has sabotaged to prevent them from interfering in his latest plans to accelerate Earth technologies by nefarious means (1980: "Spaceball").