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Puppis kills a lupus with a numo (The Lost Warrior).

A numo is a weapon similar to an air gun, which works on compressed air. This weapon is apparently native to Equellus, as Apollo claims to have never seen one.

Puppis claims that a numo can kill a lupus from 10 metrons. Before that claim however, Puppis claimed that his mother, Vella, was unable to hit the side of a granary with a numo (The Lost Warrior).


  • Like many other terms in the Original Series, the naming of this weapon is derived from a real-world term. "Numo" is a sound-alike for a pneumatic gun, another word for a type of "BB" gun.
  • Apollo's comment about never seeing a numo suggests that the Twelve Colonies of Man primarily uses energy weapons against the heavily armored Cylons during the Thousand Yahren War. This, of course, is supported in the events of this episode as many gunfighters fall to Red-Eye because their projectiles cannot pierce the Cylon's armor, while Apollo's laser pistol takes down the Cylon in one shot.
  • The weapons of the Re-imagined Series, in contrast, are all projectile-based or use a form of conventional and nuclear explosives.