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Introduced The Lost Warrior
Death Destroyed by Apollo
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Role Enforcer for Lacerta
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Portrayed by Rex Cutter
"Red-Eye" is a Cylon
"Red-Eye" is a Final Five Cylon
"Red-Eye" is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
"Red-Eye" is an Original Series Cylon
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"Red-Eye" in the separate continuity

"Red-Eye" is the name given to the only surviving Centurion that crash-landed on Equellus in a Raider.

Lacerta discovers the damaged Cylon in the wreckage of its ship and uses the Centurion to terrorize the local towns people for nine yahren. Apparently having suffered some scrambled circuits during the crash, Red-Eye follows Lacerta due to its belief that Lacerta is the Imperious Leader.

Red-Eye obtained a Colonial laser pistol by murdering a marooned Colonial Warrior known as Martin, who had arrived some time previously and who attacked the Cylon on sight. Martin was the father of Puppis and husband of Vella, a local.

Red-Eye's armored exterior was proof against any Numo, the only weapon available to the natives of Equellus. When Apollo encounters it, the Centurion has numerous dents from previous attempts to destroy it, none of which had seriously damaged it. Red-Eye's sensor eye makes a sound distinctly different from that of most Cylon Centurions, perhaps again due to damage it suffered in the original crash.

Under Lacerta, Red-Eye appropriates "tribute" (i.e., livestock, food, valuables) from the townspeople in exchange for their lives. Lacerta's reign of terror ends after Apollo is forced to land on the planet. At first, Apollo refuses to act against Red-Eye, believing that more Cylons might be present on the planet. He eventually destroys the Cylon after he hears the story of Red-Eye's origin and realizes it is alone.

In total, 10 people die at Red-Eye's hand, including Bootes, Puppis' uncle (TOS: "The Lost Warrior").