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Command officers on Galactica have private quarters, as opposed to most pilots and crewmembers who use duty lockers.

Colonel Tigh's quarters (Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down).

Quarters for command officers such as Saul Tigh and Karl Agathon appear to be duty lockers with only a single bunk, leaving the rest of the space available as a living or meeting area.

Ships such the Mercury class battlestar Pegasus are larger than the older Galactica, and as such have officer's quarters that are far from the spartan appearance on Galactica. Admiral Helena Cain's quarters included a large office area with a work table, command terminals and recessed shelves for display of personal effects like weapons and pictures, and a shelve with operation manuals.

Galactica also possesses at least several rooms that may have been previously unoccupied officer's quarters, or empty VIP staterooms, which have been relegated for use by officers and NCO's with spouses or families. Galen and Cally Tyrol, and their son Nicholas occupy one such room (Dirty Hands).

Admiral Adama's quarters

William Adama's quarters are the largest aboard, complete with a living area, office area, private head and bunk. Adama also gave his quarters a very distinct look by decorating them with old wooden furniture and artwork such as paintings, sculptures and a sailing ship model built by himself. He also has a large number of books and collects swords, one of them being an original Cylon Centurion sword [1].

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  1. This is an homage to the Original Series, in which the Centurions are actually armed with such swords.