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Behind the scenes photograph of a duty locker.
Another behind the scenes photograph of a duty locker.

There are many duty lockers throughout a battlestar such as Galactica. The duty locker is a crew quarters room with walls that have rows of recessed bunks (racks) for sleeping and several lockers between each set for personal effects and mirrors. Lockers appear to house up to 10 individuals.

In the middle of the locker is an open space occupied by either one large table or several small tables. Pilots and other crew members are seen both sleeping, playing cards, and socializing there during their time off. In several cases, personnel lock the entrance hatch and engage in activities of a more private nature, leaving a pair of boots hung up on the hatch as a signal to the other pilots to stay out (TRS: "The Captain's Hand").

Command officers typically have private officer's quarters.


  • As seen in "The Woman King", Karl and Sharon Agathon are afforded private quarters despite their relatively low ranks (Captain and Lieutenant respectively). The exact reason for this is unknown, but it is probably related to Helo's former position of ship's XO, the couple's marriage, or Sharon Agathon's Cylon heritage. The Tyrols occupy similar private quarters, suggesting that the spaceborne needs of raising families on the ship is allowing some crew to obtain private areas (TRS: "Dirty Hands").
  • The pilots' quarters on Galactica exemplify several of the founding principles of naturalistic science fiction on the series that grounds the show close to reality. Instead of the large, hotel-like individual crew quarters as seen in past "Star Trek" TV series, most of Galactica's crew apparently share a group living space with only a cramped bunk to call their own, as crewmen do today on a present-day Earth aircraft carrier. Only the CO and XO of Galactica are seen with personal quarters at first. Even comparatively high-ranking pilots such as the CAG on Galactica live, sleep, and play in cramped, unisex conditions with little privacy.