Pacific Institute of Technology

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Jamie Hamilton drives up to the Pacific Institute of Technology.

The Pacific Institute of Technology is located in Los Angeles on Earth.

Troy and Dillon find the offices of Donald Mortinson (Room 323 in the AR Building) there, only to find themselves subsequently arrested by the police, and in competition for his attention with Xaviar later on (Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I).


After stunning a guard at the guard desk, Troy and Dillon review a wall-hung listing of offices in the building, which include the following:

Name Room
Mitch Thomason 322
Dr. Donald Mortinson, PhD. 323
Philip Berazen, M.S. 324
Tanna Gallager 325
Carol Stump 326
Edward Fitgerald, M.S. 327
Leslie McCarthy 328
Kim Kirven 213
Mike Foxworth 218
Rick Chanord 217
Dan Farris 238


  • In a version of the script, this institute is referred to as the California Institute of Technology.