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David Eick: Hello! This is um episode 105 entitled... What's the title of this guys?

Gary Hutzel: "There Is Another Sky"

Andrew Seklir: "There Is Another Sky"

Eick: "There Is Another Sky".

Seklir: You will find out what that Sky is. David is fiddle with the TV.

Eick: Yes as I fiddle with the TV. Um. So. Yes. Now we're watching 105. You have David Eick. And you also have Andy Seklir who is our editor of this episode and is I would say sort of chief editor of all things R and D TV over the last several years so say hello Andy.

Seklir: Hi there!

Eick: And we have also Gary Hutzel our visual effects supervisor and over-all aesthetic eye candy extraordinaire maestro who I've worked with on it seems everything I've touched for the last five or six years as well so say hello Gary.

Hutzel: Hello! Hello everyone!

Eick: And so as we get into this episode it's worthy- it's worthwhile to point out that I've always felt that- I've felt anyway for some time that this episode in the final analysis sort of slams the show into a new gear. Y'know it really kind of- it goes from being a very I think compelling but more or less a comtempletive drama and we get to episode 105 and suddenly it's sort of like our hair is on fire. We really kind of blast open the world of New Cap City and we introduce a level of visual effects that up until this point has been somewhat restrained and I think we were saving budget for this one and then sort of suffering budgets after this one to accommodate it but that's sort of how I look at it. Would you guys agree?

Seklir: Yeah, I agree. I mean I think one of the really cool things about this episode is that we discover this city that is sort of there but not there lurking beneath the surface and it's really intriguing and it's something we get into quite a bit as the series progresses. So this is really establishing that.

Hutzel: Yeah, this is the first time that we really start to ask the question that becomes prominent in the series which is "What's real and what do we believe is real? Is what believe real is really real?" and all those questions and we begin to look at that here and it really expands out from this episode and this is really the departure point.

Eick: Yeah, I'm trying to remember the first time someone said "New Cap City." It may have been at the writers' retreat in Tahoe which would have been January of '09 and it always cracked me up because of course it was a play on New Jack City.

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