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Puck is a member of the Quorum of Twelve at the time of Adama's death, who is later killed by Count Iblis on Agro-3 in order for him to assume his identity and form.

Previously, he held the post as Scorpius' Ambassador to Caprica, and later retains the title, despite his ascension to the Quorum.

He is described as a man who has not aged well. He has an unhealthy pale complexion, his stance is stooped, and he is pink-eyed. In attempt to distract people from his appearance, he wears brightly colored valcron garments; his manner of dealing with people was dismissive and insulting. He views President Tigh and Adama's surviving family contemptibly.

In the form of Puck, Iblis places himself as a candidate to become the Fleet's commander during the debates surrounding Adama's replacement as the Fleet's commander.

Despite "Puck"'s play for power, he is later outed by Cassiopeia, who determines that the previously unrecognizable remains on Agro-9 were Puck's (Armageddon).