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Raptor 718 is a Raptor that is identified with no less than two different ships.

Pegasus Raptor

Raptor 718 is a Pegasus raptor flown by Richard "Buster" Bayer during a Raptor training exercise ordered by Captain Kara Thrace.

During the exercise, it responds to a distress signal with Raptor 314 within the dark clouds of a binary star system. Not long after, the crews of both Raptors no longer respond and are presumed lost or disabled within the cloud.

Raptor 718 and its companion Raptor are found by Pegasus, its crew inside killed and its atmosphere vented into space. As it turns out, the Raptors were bait by the Cylons to lure Colonial forces into the cloud, as predicted by Admiral Adama. The Raptors are abandoned after three Cylon basestars ambush Pegasus, eventually forcing it to retreat (TRS: "The Captain's Hand").

Galactica Raptor

Raptor 718 stranded in deep space ("The Face of the Enemy").

Raptor 718 is flown by Lt. J. "Shark" Finnegan and "Easy" Esrin while shuttling Galactica crew and allied rebel Cylons to the Zephyr. When the Fleet jumps away due to a false alarm, the Raptor accidentally jumps beyond the red line and is stranded with four humans and two Number Eight Cylons aboard with a depleting oxygen supply. Ultimatly one of the Eights kills all of the crew except Felix Gaeta who ultimatly kills her, but not before she manages to jump the Raptor most of the way back to the Fleet. Gaeta is ultimatly rescued by another Raptor piloted by Racetrack with Lieutenant Hoshi on board (TRS: "The Face of the Enemy").


  • Pegasus's Raptor 718 is identified as "Raptor 17" on Pegasus's DRADIS screen. It should be noted that DRADIS numbers and ship numbers do not typically match.de:Raptor 718