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For the comic book character with "Buster" as a callsign, see: Zak Adama (alternate).

Richard Bayer
Richard Bayer


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Birth Name Richard Bayer
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Callsign Buster
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Introduced The Captain's Hand
Death KIA, The Captain's Hand
Marital Status
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Role Raptor pilot, battlestar Pegasus
Rank Lieutenant
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Portrayed by Kavan Smith
Richard Bayer is a Cylon
Richard Bayer is a Final Five Cylon
Richard Bayer is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Richard Bayer is an Original Series Cylon
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Richard Bayer in the separate continuity
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Lieutenant Richard "Buster" Bayer is a Raptor pilot assigned to the battlestar Pegasus.

He flies Raptor 718 during a Raptor training exercise and responds to a false distress signal created by the Cylons.

Not long after reaching the signal's origin, Bayer, ECO Lyla Ellway, and the crew of the accompanying Raptor, Raptor 314, are killed by Cylons and left as bait to lure more Colonials to their rescue (The Captain's Hand).de:Richard Bayer