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Nickname "Father/Creator"
Introduced The Gun on Ice Planet Zero
Children The Theta-class life-forms
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Role Scientist, planet Arcta
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Portrayed by Dan O'Herlihy
Ravashol is a Cylon
Ravashol is a Final Five Cylon
Ravashol is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Ravashol is an Original Series Cylon
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Ravashol in the separate continuity

Ravashol is a genetic and electronic scientist/inventor based on the ice planet of Arcta.

The scientist is the "father/creator" of the Theta class life-forms (all clone-like) as well as the progenitor of the Ravashol pulsar, which was originally intended to transmit information via laser energy.

The Cylons allowed him to continue to live so that he can produce more technological marvels in the form of war materiel.

While he understood that the Cylons were "misusing" the pulsar, he had no idea that his biological creations were breeding. He had not planned this to happen, and eventually realizes that he must help out Apollo's team remove the pulsar.

Once the pulsar was obliterated, Ravashol worked with his children, having other methods at his disposal to protect them (The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part II).


  • There is some doubt as to whether or not Ravashol actually planned the eventuality for breeding between female and male Thetas. He did not seem totally astonished by Apollo's revelation on this subject while in the confines of the Ravishol laboratories. He seemed to be playing both the Cylons and his creations, perhaps with the hope of eventually removing the Cylons from Arcta with an invention of some type.
  • It is also interesting that Ravishol was apparently a resident of the ice-planet for what can only be a long time, apparently way before the time the Colonies were purged as per the Imperious Leader's Edict of Extermination. He might have been at the planet for at least several yahren, perhaps even decades. These hypotheses, along with logically reached conjecture, certainly give interesting theories as to the reasons why and how Ravashol ended up on Arcta. It is also interesting that he brought enough equipment to not only forge a laboratory, but an underground settlement as well...Which leaves the viewer to wonder who backed Ravashol, and how did he manage to build a colony for the Thetas without the apparent knowledge of the Colonial Quorum of the Twelve.