The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part II

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The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part II
"The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part II"
An episode of the Original Series
Episode No. Season 1, Episode 7 (discuss, thread)
Writer(s) Michael Sloan
Donald Bellisario
Glen A. Larson
Story by John Ireland Jr.
Director Alan Levi
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 50207
Nielsen Rating
US airdate USA 1978-10-29
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UK airdate UK
DVD release 2004-12-28
Population survivors
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The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part II The Magnificent Warriors


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Herded into a confined area of space, the Fleet must pass within close range of a lethal Cylon pulsar cannon—unless an expedition from Galactica can assault the ice-bound fortress housing the weapon. Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer lead a team of cut-throat demolitions and cold-weather experts (and the stowaway Boxey). Along they way, they encounter the misguided human scientist who originally built the weapon, as well as his legions of clones.


  • The last Centurion passes by the group, failing to notice them in the crevice below.
  • Ser 5-9 returns, reporting that the way is now clear.
  • Croft is relieved that the Thetas were not turning them in to the Cylons. Tenna reveals that they hate the Cylons. Apparently the Cylons consider Theta class lifeforms to be subhuman, as they were created to perform slave labor. Ser 5-9 and Tenna (and their enclave) have revolted, and no longer work for the Cylons.
  • Apollo asks if they will help destroy the Ravashol pulsar, but Ser 5-9 reminds him that they first have to get to the village of the Thetas.
  • They enter the Theta underground city via a stairway underneath a covered hatch. They sneak through the passages, apparently unable to move openly.
  • Ser 5-9 will take Apollo to Dr. Ravashol, who lives at the base of Mount Hekla. First, he will take Apollo's people to safety.
  • Aboard his basestar, Baltar asks to know if the Colonial landing party has been destroyed. Lucifer indicates that it was "not exactly" destroyed. Baltar is outraged, and orders figthers to attack Galactica. This is a suicide attack, since they will not have enough fuel to return to the basestar. Baltar argues that they need to push Galactica forward, and that he would give the same orders to humans.
  • The Cylons begin searching the Theta village for the humans. They are told to hide amongst the children. Apparently despite the fact that the Cylons had demanded that the Thetas be sterile, they have been breeding and hiding the children.
  • Apollo and Ser 5-9 arrive at Dr. Ravashol's lab. Dr. Ravashol admonishes Ser 5-9, saying that only planners are allowed in the lab. He quickly surmises that Ser is a "5 series". Ser replies that he is "Series 5, Culture 9". (Hence the Ser 5-9 designation.)
  • When Apollo reveals he is from Galactica Ravashol says he will have nothing to do with violence. Apollo asks about the Ravashol pulsar, and Dr. Ravashol claims that it is an energy lens system for sending intelligence information across the galaxy. Apollo tells him that he lost two Vipers to his energy lens system.
  • Dr. Ravashol does not believe this, claiming that the pulsar is manned by Series 5 Theta class lifeforms. Ser 5-9 tells him that they are whipped by Cylons if they even approach the pulsar.
  • When confronted with the truth that the Cylons are running it, Dr. Ravashol claims that it is a temporary misuse. He claims no responsibility over the use of his creations.
  • A Cylon patrol comes to search Dr. Ravashol's laboratory. Apollo is hidden inside a computer tower. When Ser 5-9 is discovered, Dr. Ravashol claims he was needed for heavy lifting. Vulpa orders the patrol out of the lab, and Ser 5-9 punished (since only planners are supposed to be in the lab).
  • The Cylons disrupt things down in the village, and Thane thinks it is an opportunity to make a break for it. Leda thinks they'll have a better chance on the mountain. After the Cylons pass Thane grabs one of the Series 5 Thetas from behind.
  • Dr. Ravashol rages at Apollo for disrupting the previous orderly situation. Planners to think, and workers to work. Apollo tells him they were forced there by the Cylons, and that things aren't as orderly as he'd like to believe. Apollo reveals that his workers are thinking and breeding.
  • Dr. Ravashol is stunned that they are breeding. Apollo asks for Dr. Ravashol's help on behalf of the Thetas, because in a sense they are his children.
  • A phalanx of raiders attacks the fleet. Adama scrambles Blue Squadron to defend against them.
  • Baltar orders the fighters to break off their attack, despite lacking enough fuel to return. He thinks that this will cause Adama to believe that the basestars are closer than they actually are.
  • Dr. Ravashol shows Apollo a schematic of the Ravashol pulsar. He explains that the only way they might hope to destroy the pulsar would be to jam or reverse the main pump.
  • Thane has taken the clothes from the Theta he grabbed, and is trying to make his way through the village.
  • Starbuck and the rest are taken to a hidden chamber with the Thetan children. Boomer finally notices Thane's absence. Starbuck speculates that he might have gotten separated, but Croft claims that Thane was looking for an opportunity to make a break for it. Two Tennas leave to go look for him.
  • Thane is revealed to have been captured by a Cylon patrol. When questioned, he claims to be alone, and feigns ignorance about Galactica.
  • Starbuck heads out to rescue Thane. He hopes that by dressing like a Theta he might be able to pass undetected. Tenna questions whether he wants to save Thane or "the other one". Starbuck admits he is looking for a pilot that he had lost named Cree. He may have survived the crash. Tenna hopes for Cree's sake that he didn't survive.
  • The Cylons appear to have completed Cree's brain probe. Vulpa orders him to be sent to a "cold cell", promising to examine the results of the probe later.
  • Thane continues to evade the questioning of the Cylons, refusing to tell how many combat ships are in the fleet.
  • Starbuck and Tenna meet up with Ser 5-9. Ser 5-9 has survived his punishment, being whipped instead of killed thanks to Dr. Ravashol's lie.
  • Thane appears to break under questioning, telling the Centurions that everything they want to know is recorded on a tape coder in his inner pocket. Thane indicates a button that should be pressed. When the Centurion presses the button, the hand mine detonates killing Thane and several Centurions.
  • Starbuck returns to report that Thane is dead, but that he did not betray them.
  • Apollo lays out the plan for destroying the pulsar. There will be a simultaneous attack, one on the garrison station (to be lead by Starbuck), and the other on the gun itself (to be lead by Apollo). They synchronize their timepieces to countdown to 200 centons. After that, the fleet will have to move forward.
  • Outside on the mountain, Wolfe, Leda, and Croft discuss strategy. Wolfe has found out from one of the Thetas that the Cylon fighters are on top of the mountain. He proposes that they steal one and escape. Croft objects, claiming that Galactica will hunt them down, but Wolfe points out that Galactica is too busy being hunted by the Cylons. Leda asks if Croft is refusing freedom again (like the original time they were imprisoned). Croft says that he would not fire on a Colonial fighter, but Leda says they thanked him for that by chaining him up. Leda and Wolfe plead for him to commit to their plan, and Croft agrees.
  • Lucifer reports that some of the fighters (30%) turned out to have enough fuel to be able to return to the basestar. Baltar orders them to be sent out again to engage Galactica. Baltar claims that it will drive Adama crazy.
  • The raiders approach Galactica, and Blue Squadron is launched (again) to intercept them. The Vipers and Galactica's defenses manage to fight off the raiders, forcing their retreat. The basestars are approaching quickly, however. The fleet is forced to move forward again to stay ahead of them.
  • Baltar informs Vulpa that the basestars have arrived, and orders random firing of the Ravashol pulsar to sweep the corridor that the fleet must pass through.
  • The firing of the pulsar causes an avalanche, causing Apollo's team to try to take cover against the snow. Apollo covers up Croft, prompting Croft to say that he owes Apollo one. Ser 5-9 has a rock land on his leg, breaking it. Tenna begins to take him back down the mountain while the others continue their assault.
  • Wolfe sees an opportunity, and pulls the laser pistol (that he had grabbed from Voight) on Apollo. He reveals their plan to steal a raider and try to escape. The pulsar fires, causing a tremor, and Croft grabs the pistol from Wolfe. Wolfe runs off into the blizzard.
  • Leda claims their only hope is to follow Wolfe, but Croft says that they've got a mission to accomplish. Apollo puts Croft in charge, and time is running out.
  • The fleet is moving close to the range of the pulsar. On Tigh's suggestion the fleet's ships move to maximum speed (rather than moving at the speed of the slowest ship) and increase their interval spacing.
  • Starbuck takes Tenna hoping to quickly find and free Cree. He tells Boomer not to wait for him past 20 centons.
  • Apollo's team reaches the intake tube to the cooling system of the pulsar. Leda claims that they don't have enough solonite to destroy the whole pulsar. Apollo says that Dr. Ravashol said that they only need to knock out the energy exchange pump and the pulsar will destroy itself.
  • Tenna shows Starbuck the emergency escape hatch of the prison where the "cold cells" are located. Starbuck claims he'll have the element of surprise, since nobody ever breaks into prisons. He gets the drop on two Centurion guards, and shoots the lock of Cree's "cold cell". Starbuck helps Cree walk as they escape.
  • Tenna reveals that the Thetas will help Starbuck to overthrow the Cylon garrison, but that they will not help destroy the pulsar. She claims they will use whatever means necessary to prevent its destruction.
  • Starbuck argues with a 5-series Theta. The Theta wants to keep the pulsar, fearing Cylon retribution after Galactica is gone. They believe it is their only defense.
  • Dr. Ravashol intervenes, claiming that the Thetas are far more human than he realized. Therefore the fleet threatened by the pulsar are the brothers of the Thetas, and must be helped. He promises to protect the Thetas. The Thetas agree to destroy the pulsar.
  • Starbuck asks Dr. Ravashol how he will protect them, and Dr. Ravashol reveals that he did not give the Cylons everything that he has developed.
  • The attack commences, and both teams go in with guns blazing. Several Centurions are destroyed. Apollo's team manages to place the charges. Vulpa gets a shot off, but Leda sacrifices her self to save Croft. Starbuck kills Vulpa.
  • The garrison has been wiped out. The team escapes down the mountain in an elevator. Starbuck retrieves Boxey and the other Theta children.
  • The explosives detonate, destroying the pulsar in a gigantic explosion. Galactica detects the explosion, and realizes the team has succeeded. Adama orders a rescue team to retrieve them with a full fighter escort.
  • Lucifer reports the bad news to Baltar. Baltar is furious, but Lucifer recommends they come up with a united front that could be presented to the newly installed Imperious Leader. Baltar promises that he will yet have the last laugh.
  • Starbuck says his passionate farewells to three of the Tennas. Apollo says the Theta children seem more human, which pleases Dr. Ravashol. Dr. Ravashol assures Apollo that they will be able to handle the Cylons. Apollo has to force Starbuck away from his "chance of a lifetime."


  • Dan O'Herlihy guest starred on Bonanza with Lorne Greene in an episode called "The Artist".
  • Baltar is walking with a limp in act one of this episode. This is more than likely due to the cave in at the Ninth Lord's Tomb on Kobol, which occured in the previous episode "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II". The limp does not reoccur in any other episode of the series, indicating that the limp is temporary.
  • The use of centon in this episode, as with the previous episode, is used both as a measurement of time and of distance.
  • Due to the fact that this episode was filmed prior to "The Long Patrol", there are noted inconsistencies in this episode. Among them, is the fact that the Fleet is still in Epsilon Quadrant (where Kobol is in "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II") and that they are clearly in their home galaxy.



  • How was Dr. Ravashol able to construct the pulsar and his base of operations on Arcta? Did he have assistance? If so, who aided him?
  • Does Wolfe die in the wilderness of Arcta?
  • Why did Ravashol leave the Colonies?
  • What other inventions does Ravashol have in his possession?
  • Furthermore, why does he not share some of his inventions with the Fleet?

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Baltar is told that the Cylon fighters have approached the Fleet:
Baltar: Have our fighters engaged the Galactica?
Lucifer: Yes, but they will not have enough fuel to return.
Baltar: Break off the attack.
Lucifer: Baltar, I believe my sound sensor mishears you.
Baltar: I said break off the attack.

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