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Introduced The Gun on Ice Planet Zero
Death Killed by own hand mine while captured by Cylons
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Role Member of demolition team on Arcta
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Portrayed by James Olson
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Thane in the separate continuity

Thane is an aggressive, virtually uncontrollable member of Commander Croft's demolition team.

With Croft, Thane was in on keeping the plunders from the Cylon's platinum mine to themselves, and is responsible for killing a higher unnamed commander. Both of them served on the Prison Barge until retrieved by Commander Adama for the special mission to Arcta, in exchange for pardons for their crimes.

Thane is an expert in a variety of alien environments, and brags as such to anyone who would listen, which is the reason he is selected for the mission to Arcta to destroy the Ravashol Pulsar.

Before leaving Galactica, Thane attacks Sergeant Vickers and uses a knockout capsule on the warrior, paralyzing him.

Thane is in on the plot to ditch the expedition when the right opportunity presented itself. He knocks out a Ser Theta to obtain his clothing.

The Cylons capture Thane, but he manages to reveal nothing of their mission. To his credit, he takes several Cylons with him to his death by passing off a hand mine as a recording device that would tell the Cylons all they need to know about The Fleet (Gun on Ice Planet Zero).


  • Actor James Olson is a familiar TV character actor of the 1970s. Science-fiction fans may remember him best as Dr. Hall in the Michael Crichton thriller, The Andromeda Strain.