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Michael Robert
Michael Robert


Colony Caprica
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Introduced The Woman King
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Portrayed by Bruce Davison
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Doctor Michael Robert is a civilian physician in the Fleet, assigned to take care of Galactica's civilian refugees.

Robert aided the New Caprica Resistance in treating the wounded resistance fighters during the Cylon's occupation of New Caprica, even patching up Saul Tigh's eye after he is released from detention. During his time on New Caprica, he not only befriends Tigh, but is additionally responsible for numerous murders of Sagittaron patients remanded to his care–all actions borne of his hatred of Sagittarons, which was only fueled by their unwillingness to aid the resistance effort. Sagittaron patients under his care had an astounding 90% mortality rate, which was recorded in documentation available in Doctor Cottle's office.

Some weeks after the Battle of the Algae Planet, he is assigned to "Dogsville" and tasked with the medical well-being of refugees there. During the influx of an additional 300 people, he is the first to notice signs of the Mellorak infection and resumes his guerrilla euthanasia campaign against the Sagittarons, using the disease and their resistance to conventional medical practices as a cover for his actions.

He is accused by a bereaved mother, Portia King, of killing her son, Willie King, after allegedly treating a disease that affected him. Willie King's death, as well as additional deaths of Sagittarons he is known to have directly interacted with, leads Captain Karl Agathon to investigate him, despite resistance from Doctor Cottle, Colonel Tigh, and even Admiral William Adama.

Much to Cottle's chagrin, following the incident with Agathon in his office, he tests the blood samples from the deceased Sagittarons. Instead of the bittamucin that Robert lies about administering prior to their deaths, Cottle discovers cellular destruction and poison in the blood work. He is summarily arrested by marines, earning disdain from Tigh, Cottle, and Adama, as well as other crew members.

In total, Robert is responsible for the deaths of four additional Sagittaron patients, including a three-year old (TRS: "The Woman King").

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  • "Doctor Robert" is also a song by The Beatles, which tells the tale of a less-than-ethical doctor who provides his "patients" with whatever controlled substances they may desire.
  • In the script, Michael Robert is originally named "Micha Robert", but this was later changed, presumably for legal reasons.