List of sectors (TOS)

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For a list of sectors from the Re-imagined Series, see: List of sectors (RDM).

This is a listing of sectors that are noted in the Original Series, but are unworthy of separate articles due to the limited content.

Beta sector

Beta sector was the location of a nearby habitable star system at the time of the Celestra mutiny. The Celestra mutineers originally planned to escape from the Colonial Fleet to the 21st planet of this system (Take the Celestra).

Delta sector

Delta sector is the location from where the last wave of Cylon warships approached the Colonial Fleet during refueling operations near the planet Gamoray (The Living Legend, Part II).

Omega sector

Omega sector is a region outside the Cyranus galaxy containing the Delta-class planet Antilla, as well as two other planets.

Previously controlled by human descendants from the Twelve Colonies, the Cylons inevitably took forceful possession of the sector and its planets (The Young Lords).

Sector Delta 5

Sector Delta 5, adjacent to the Tau Quadrant, is the location of the Otarsis Quadrant asteroid (Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I).

Sector Sigma

Sector Sigma is the location of Arcta, itself apparently outside the Cyrannus galaxy (The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I).