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Sekou Hamilton
Sekou Hamilton


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Colony Aerelon
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Portrayed by Biski Gugushe
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Sekou Hamilton in the separate continuity
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Sekou Hamilton is a journalist, former editor of the Aerelon Gazette. He now is a co-host of the Fleet's Talk Wireless political events show "The Colonial Gang" (TRS: "Colonial Day"). He is also present at several press conferences held by the Fleet's leadership.

During a press conference attended by Lee Adama, Vice President Tom Zarek and Admiral William Adama, Sekou Hamilton asks Zarek about his opinion on the alliance with the Cylons, his coldly replies "No comment.". Hamilton later asks the identity of the fifth Cylon, making a gaffe reveals that the fifth is a woman by saying, "she died some time ago." The three leaders end the conference as the reporters erupt in confusion and questions (TRS: "A Disquiet Follows My Soul").

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  • The character of Sekou Hamilton was named after one of writer Toni Graphia's former assistants (Source: The Official Companion).
  • Biski Gugushe also plays a reporter named Eick in the episodes "Litmus" and "Six Degrees of Separation". It is unclear whether this is a different character, or a name-change to reflect a growing recurring role. Eick was named for series co-producer David Eick.