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Cover for the United States and UK release of this soundtrack
"Soundtrack (Miniseries)"
An album of the the Re-imagined series
Album No. 1
Composer(s) Richard Gibbs
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Label La-La Land Records
Tracks 26
Running Time 01:08:16
Discs 1
Released 2004-03-16
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None Soundtrack (Miniseries) Soundtrack (Season 1)
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Track Listing

  1. Are You Alive? / Battlestar Galactica™ Main Title (5:28)
  2. Goodbye, Baby (2:24)
  3. Starbuck Buck Buck (1:49)
  4. To Kiss Or Not To Kiss (2:42)
  5. Six Sex (1:48)
  6. Deep Sixed (1:59)
  7. The Day Comes (1:08)
  8. Counterattack (2:40)
  9. Cylons Fire (1:34)
  10. A Call To Arms (1:03)
  11. Apollo To The Rescue (1:56)
  12. Launch Vipers (4:26)
  13. Seal The Bulkheads (2:10)
  14. The Lottery Ticket (3:06)
  15. Eighty-Five Dead (1:23)
  16. Inbound (1:23)
  17. Apollo Is Gone / Starbuck Returns (2:19)
  18. The Storm and The Dead (2:40)
  19. Thousands Left Behind (2:09)
  20. Silica Pathways (3:32)
  21. Reunited (1:56)
  22. The Sense Of Six (3:01)
  23. Starbuck's Recon (1:11)
  24. Battle (7:40)
  25. Good Night (2:38)
  26. By Your Command (1:56)

Total running time 1:08:16

Lyrics and translations

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss

This is the only soundtrack on the Miniseries album that has lyrics. The words are taken from the ancient Indian Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. Coincidentally, the same lyrics were used in a theme in the film The Matrix Revolutions, released only a month before the Miniseries was first aired.

Lyrics (in Sanskrit): English translation:
Asato ma sat gamaya

Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya
Mrtyor ma amritam gamaya

From delusion lead me to truth

From darkness lead me to light
From death lead me to immortality.

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