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Paradise Valley is a city in California on Earth.

Following the Battle for the Delphi in 1980, Troy, Dillon and twelve Galactican children later known as the "Super Scouts" are forced to make landfall here.

It is home to the Stanford Chemical Plant, which disposes chemicals into the water stream, causing three of the Super Scouts to grow deathly ill (The Super Scouts).

Savings and Loan

The bank that Dillon inadvertently robs from.

Across from a department store, Dillon attempts to exchange gold (auric) cubits for United States currency at the Paradise Valley Savings and Loan[1]. However, this goes awry after a bank teller assumes the worst, believing coins that Dillon gives her are stolen. The situation here spirals out of control after Dillon stuns Harry, a nearby bank guard, and she gives him both the cubits and thousands of U.S. dollars -- believing that he's robbing the bank. Despite attempts to give the money back, which end up only scaring the teller further, Dillon flees the bank and heads back to the nearby department store (The Super Scouts, Part I).

It is money from this back that appears to pay their way in the United States, as Dillon and Troy later let a mugger in New York City's Central Park know about this fact (The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II).

Sheriff's Office

The local sheriff's office.

The local sheriff's office is in cahoots with Mr. John Stockton of the Stanford Chemical Plant. They are recruited to stop Troy and Dillon from causing problems for the plant by apprehending the fake Boy Scout troop. Jamie Hamilton runs into the Warriors here, telling them of the sheriff's intent for the children in front of this building (The Super Scouts, Part I).

Stanford Chemical Plant

Stanford Chemical Plant building.

The Stanford Chemical Plant is a long standing plant and the major source for employment in the area. It had been shut down previously due to environmental concerns, leaving people out of work for six months. According to Stockton, who runs the plant, many of the workers who had taken out loans during their unemployment were still paying for them in 1980.

Chemical wastes from this plant affect the water supply on the land owned by Stanford Chemical, causing rocks to spark on dirt upon impact and leading to the near-fatal chemical poisoning of three Super Scouts (The Super Scouts, Part I).



  1. This comes from an all-points bulletin sent to the Sheriff's Department, although the bank's exterior (and interior signage, notably near Harry, talking about a credit card at UCB) make mention of United California Bank.


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