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This templates is to be used to link internal sources on an article page. There is only 1 parameter which is optional use. By default it will pass {{PAGENAME}} as the article you are looking for on the SOURCES namespace.



{{sourcebox|Custom Source Page Name}} - Custom Example Code

Optional parameters

  • 1: Insert Custom Source Page Name. Not wikilined.

Cast/Crew Instructions

Welcome! If you are a cast/crew of the production staff please read below.

If you are making any large significant change - STOP! Please do not do this as it will be confusing. As noted on the official communique project page, your Official Welcome message, anything you contribute is considered canon according to our citation policy. We ask you to take the following steps to ensure that your information is saved and recorded under the proper name.
Please note, this an extreme example, but everything should follow this if it has a significant impact.
If you are going to make a change to Felix Gaeta's page an list him as a Cylon agent. Instead of changing his {{Character Data}} field, follow these steps.

  1. At the bottom of the page you would insert {{sourcebox}}. If it's something else about Felix Gaeta, but still related and has a different title, follow this format: {{sourcebox|What you are going to talk about instead}}
  2. Save the page.
  3. Goto the bottom and follow the red link instead the sourcebox.
  4. At the top of the page enter: {{official bsg staff posting|member=[[User:YOUR USERNAME|YOUR REAL NAME HERE]]}}
  5. Then after that, insert your information.
  6. Save -- and that is it!

In the end it will look like this on the right side of the page:

BSG WIKI Sources.png
Sources for this page may be located at:

Repeat these steps if you have more than once source for the particular page, however, your are going to have to give it a title if your first one was based of the page it self. Any questions? fr:Modèle:Boîte à source