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Terry Burrell
Terry Burrell


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Terry Burrell is a Colonial Marine.

He is aboard Cloud 9 on leave when Sesha Abinell and her terrorist cell take hostages. Burrell is part of a failed rescue attempt. He is shot in the leg, while two other Marines and a terrorist are killed (Sacrifice).


  • Starbuck refers to him as "Gunny", suggesting he is a Gunnery Sergeant, but the closing credits of "Sacrifice" list him as "Lt. Terry Burrell." Based on the episode credits, this article lists the character as a Lieutenant. It is possible that "Gunny" is a nickname from an old rank (suggesting that he was "mustanged", or commissioned from the ranks), but there has been no clarification from subsequent appearances or the production staff.
  • If Burrell is indeed a lieutenant, he is the first Marine officer that viewers encounter in the series. The highest ranking Marine shown prior to "Sacrifice" was the character of Sergeant Hadrian.