The Mutiny in Celestra

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The Mutiny in Celestra
Conflict: Internal Battles
Related Episode(s):
Place: Celestra
Result: The mutineers are captured
Mutineer Workers Command of Celestra
Aurora and Damon Commander Kronus
Laser pistols Laser pistols
Materiel Losses
none none
none none
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Escape from the Prison Barge The Mutiny in Celestra Taking the Celestra

Aboard the Celestra, Aurora and her fellow mutineers make last-centon preparations for their takeover attempt. Aurora and her lover Damon begin their mutiny by taking hostages in the landing bay; however, another crewman successfully alerts the bridge amid laser fire. Kronus is able to send security reinforcements to corner the mutineers; he and Charka personally grab laser pistols and take part in the melee. Apollo and Starbuck, who had landed aboard the Celestra during the uprising, walk into the middle of a firefight; Starbuck comes face to face with Aurora, each holding a laser blaster, but neither willing to fire. The mutineers are captured and rounded up for transport to the Galactica; since a senior commander must be present to bring charges of mutiny, Kronus accompanies the prisoners aboard the shuttlecraft, being piloted by Apollo and Starbuck. (Take the Celestra)