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Adama (1980)
Adama (1980)
Adama in 1980 A.D.


Colony Caprica
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Birth Name Adama
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Children Apollo (apparently deceased), Athena, and Zac (KIA)
Marital Status Widowed; formerly sealed to Ila
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Role Commander of Battlestar Galactica, President of the Quorum of Twelve
Rank Commander
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Portrayed by Lorne Greene
Adama (1980) is a Cylon
Adama (1980) is a Final Five Cylon
Adama (1980) is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Adama (1980) is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Troykus Adama in the separate continuity
Adama (1980)
Adama c. 1970 A.D.

The article discusses the Galactica 1980 character. For information on his Original Series character, see Adama (TOS). For information on the Re-imagined Series counterpart to Commander Adama, see William Adama.

Thirty years after the destruction of the Colonies, Commander Adama has finally led the Galactican Fleet to the planet Earth.

During the 30 years of exodus, a few changes have befallen Adama and the Fleet. Apollo has apparently died, although his step-son Troy is a captain in the Fleet and becomes a key figure (along with Lieutenant Dillon) in many of the missions to Earth. Adama's right hand man, Colonel Tigh, has been replaced by Colonel Boomer.

The finding of Earth does not prove to be the salvation that the Colonials had hoped for, however, as they find Earth to be woefully behind in technology and culture.

Adama and his advisor, Doctor Zee, determine that the Earth is not yet ready for contact with Galactica or the Cylons. They decide that covert action would be more prudent, and thus begin a plan whereby they influence the people of Earth in the hopes of helping to prepare them for contact (1980: "Galactica Discovers Earth").


  • The character's surviving children, particularly Apollo and Athena, are not seen in the series. Apollo is noted as deceased, and the fate of Athena is never mentioned.
  • Adama is not only one of only five characters in the Original Series to be featured in every episode of that series, but also the only character to be featured in all the episodes of both the Original Series and Galactica 1980.

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