Colonial battles chronology (TOS)

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This is a chronological list of battles in the Original Series. Information on the times of these battles, as well as how they fit in overall with the Original Series' chronology, can be found here.

Battle Time Episode(s)
Pre-Thousand-Yahren War (1—ca. 6348)[1]
Battle of Hasari ca. 6348 "Saga of a Star World"
Thousand-Yahren War (~6348—7348)[1]
Battle of Cosmora Archipelago Unknown "Take the Celestra"
Battle of Caprica 7308 "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I"
Attack on Umbra 7322 "The Man with Nine Lives"
Battle of Molecay 7346 "The Living Legend, Part I"
Battle of Cimtar 7348 "Saga of a Star World"
Escape from the Cylons (ca. 7348—unknown)
Battle of Carillon 7348 "Saga of a Star World"
Battle of Otarsis Quadrant 7348 "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I"
Battle of Kobol 7348 "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II"
Battle at Hatari Sector 7348 "The Lost Warrior"
Battle at Proteus's Orbit 7348 "The Long Patrol"
Mission to Destroy the Cylon Pulsar 7348 "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I" and "II"
Battle at Sector Sigma 7348 "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part II"
Battle for the Agricultural Ships 7348 "The Magnificent Warriors"
Battle at Omega Sector 7348 "The Young Lords"
Interception of Cylon Tankers 7348 "The Living Legend, Part I"
Battle of Gamoray 7348 "The Living Legend, Part II"
Cylon Destructive Suicide Missions 7348 "Fire In Space"
Battle at Galaxy's Edge 7348 "The Hand of God"
Internal Battles (ca. 7348—unknown)
Harassment Fires to Vipers by Vipers 7348 "The Living Legend, Part I"
Escape from the Prison Barge 7348 "Baltar's Escape"
The Mutiny in Celestra 7348 "Take the Celestra"
Taking the Celestra 7348 "Take the Celestra"
Battles out of Colony and Fleet (sometime—unknown)
Cylon Civil War before 6348 "Saga of a Star World", "Experiment in Terra (TV movie)"
Duel between Apollo and Red-Eye 7348 "The Lost Warrior"
Battle at Attila 7348 "The Young Lords"
Destruction of Delphian Empire Unknown "The Living Legend, Part I"
Destruction of Paradeen's Population Unknown "Greetings from Earth"
Destruction of Lunar One Unknown "Experiment in Terra"
Nuclear War in Terra 7348 "Experiment in Terra"


  1. 1.0 1.1 It is unknown in what order the battles of the Thousand-Yahren War took place, only that the Battle of Cimtar was last, as it represented the end of the war and the final defeat of the Twelve Colonies.