Battle of Kobol (TOS)

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For information on a battle over Kobol from the Re-imagined Series, see Battle of Kobol (TRS).

Battle of Kobol
Battle of Kobol
Conflict: Escape from the Cylons
Related Episode(s):
Place: Kobol
Result: Colonial victory
The Colonial Fleet Cylons
Colonel Tigh Lucifer
Two squadrons of Vipers One basestar's compliment of Cylon Raiders
Materiel Losses
At least one and unknown number of Vipers Unknown number of Raiders
Jamie Unknown
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle of Otarsis Quadrant Battle of Kobol Battle at Hatari Sector

The Battle of Kobol, a risky play for power on the part of Lucifer and the Cylons, nearly catches battlestar Galactica at a very vulnerable time near humanity's ancestral homeworld of Kobol.

Nearly all of Galactica's Viper pilots contract an unknown illness, which forces Adama to call up a group of female shuttle pilots to be trained on Vipers. Their initial training complete, the female Viper squadron accompanies Adama to the surface of Kobol, where Adama hopes to learn the location of Earth.

Baltar meets Adama on Kobol, and releases Starbuck from captivity as a show of good faith. When Baltar remains on the surface too long without contacting Lucifer, the Cylon seizes his absence as an opportunity to gain power. Lucifer orders an attack, hoping to gain the glory of having destroyed Galactica.

The female Viper pilots on the surface scramble to defend against the Raiders, but their lack of experience and being outnumbered leaves them in a dire situation. In the course of the fighting, a Raider shoots the Tomb of the Ninth Lord of Kobol, freeing Adama, Apollo, and Serina. The explosion that frees them also causes a large rock to fall on Baltar, pinning him. Falling debris forces the Colonials to flee, leaving Baltar to his fate.

Dr. Salik finds a cure in time for the regular Viper pilots to return to help the female pilots. While still not strong enough to walk yet, the recovering pilots are able to fly their Vipers. The combined male and female units are enough to drive the remaining Raiders away (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods").