The Super Scouts

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For other uses of the term "The Super Scouts", see The Super Scouts (disambiguation).
The Super Scouts in their scout uniforms.

The Super Scouts are a group of Colonial children from the Fleet that are living on Earth, as desired by Doctor Zee out of concern for their survival in space.

The children are on the freighter Delphi being taught by Troy and Dillon about Earth when engine trouble isolates the freighter from the Galactican Fleet. The Cylons attack and destroy the freighter, but the children escape with Troy and Dillon in a shuttle. Once on Earth, Troy and Dillon decide to disguise them as a scout troop (hence their nickname, which is given by Jamie Hamilton).

The children have had training about Earth and of their equipment, particularly the wrist computrons, which they use to identify terms and for invisibility, although the latter is not used without permission.

After landing on Earth, some of the children fall ill due to the polluted water of a nearby lake (The Super Scouts).

The Super Scouts go with Jamie Hamilton to a baseball camp, where they play in a game to save the camp. They are told to hide their supernatural abilities, until Hamilton decides that attention from the media is the only way to protect them from Xaviar and Colonel Sydell (Spaceball). The Scouts make an outing to the Griffith observatory, where they are watched over by Hamilton (The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I). The Super Scouts also arrive with Hamilton just in time to help harvest the crops (Space Croppers).

Super Scouts


  • Superpowers were something new when the Super Scouts were introduced. Prior to their appearance, neither Troy nor Dillon exhibited superhuman abilities as extraterrestrial humans. However, they would demonstrate these powers in subsequent storylines.


  1. The name comes from page 41 of the script for "Spaceball" and matches the dialogue that is said by this actress.

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