Valley of Darkness

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Valley of Darkness
"Valley of Darkness"
An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 2, Episode 2 (discuss)
Writer(s) Bradley Thompson
David Weddle
Story by
Director Michael Rymer
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 202
Nielsen Rating 2.0
US airdate USA 2005-07-22
CAN airdate CAN 2006-01-21
UK airdate UK 2006-01-17
DVD release 20 December 2005 US
28 August 2006 UK
Population 47,874 survivors (Symbol Down Arrow.svg -1)
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Scattered Valley of Darkness Fragged
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After rediscovering the Fleet, Cylon Centurions board Galactica and wreak havoc, while Lee Adama and a rag-tag group of pilots and Marines attempt to thwart the Cylon's methodical plans.



  • After the successful jump to the location of the rest of the Fleet, Billy Keikeya runs into Anastasia Dualla. The two haven't seen each other in two weeks though he tells her that he tried to see her again. Dualla retorts by saying he was too busy sparking mutiny against Adama to find her but is instantly sorry and apologizes. Before they can talk further she tells Billy she is due in CIC.
  • While Saul Tigh and Ishay are in sickbay with a comatose William Adama, Galactica's power system unexpectedly shuts down. Tigh immediately leaves for CIC to find out what has happened. Gaeta informs him that he believes the computer virus the Cylons uploaded in an attempt to disable Galactica made copies of itself and has knocked out their power systems. Moments later the emergency power kicks in.
  • On the hangar deck, the team of Viper pilots celebrate their victory during the previous battle, but Captain Adama is less satisfied as he tells them that they still let one through even though it crashed.
  • Power goes out in the hangar and Jammer tells Apollo that the only thing he can find that is working are the sound-powered phones, but the signals are jammed.
  • In CIC, Aaron Kelly receives a call, and in horror informs Tigh that they have been boarded.
  • As they make their way back to their quarters in the dark, Kat, Hot Dog and Flyboy continue to boast about their kills when they are shocked to see a Centurion, who swipes its razor claws through Flyboy, killing him.
  • The other pilots quickly retreat with the Centurion pursuing them. They try to make it up a flight of emergency stairs with Apollo in the rear.

Act 1

  • While the rest of the pilots manage to evade the Centurion, Apollo is forced to turn around to face it. He pulls out his sidearm and shoots at the Centurion but even though he empties his weapon, his foe is unaffected. The Centurion closes in for the kill when its head is blown off and the Centurion falls.
  • The source of the blast is a group of Marines, who used an explosive round which appears to be the only thing that will stop the invaders. Unfortunately, it was their last round which leaves them defenseless.
  • Apollo scribbles a notes and tells Hot Dog to take it to CIC, he then announces to the other fellow pilots and Marines that they are going "toaster shopping".
  • Gaeta warns the rest of the fleet over the Wireless not to try to board or get near Galactica because of the invasion. Soon after, the virus manages to jam the signal.
  • In the brig, Corporal Venner, Billy and Laura Roslin listen in horror to gunshots and screaming of the fighting without knowing exactly what is happening. Roslin then convinces Venner to release her from her cell.
  • Seconds later, the hatch to the brig begins to open but to their relief, it is Apollo and a contingent of Marines.
  • Apollo informs them of the situation, and instructs Venner to escort Billy and Roslin to safety. He has the Marines provide Billy and Roslin with sidearms. And although Billy relucantly takes one, Roslin refuses to arm herself. Apollo tells them to go to the sick bay, but to avoid the gunfire. For his own part, Apollo plans to take his team to and arms locker to find more explosive rounds and stop the Centurion incursion.
  • In the city of Delphi on Caprica, Helo and Starbuck are walking through the streets, when Starbuck comments on the lack of dead bodies. Helo explains that they have been collected by the Cylons and cremated, much to her disgust. He also expresses his plan to head to the airbases to look for a Raptor on which to escape the planet.
  • Starbuck, however, is not very amiable because he was fooled by, and impregnated a Cylon. She suddenly looks around and decides they should make a "pit stop" and heads to one of the buildings.
  • In Galactica's CIC, Gaeta informs Tigh that it could take as long as an hour to restore main power.
  • Tigh then learns that the Centurions have split off into two groups, one is moving forward, the other moving aft.
  • Tigh notes that he has seen this pattern before and that their targets are secondary damage and auxiliary fire control. If they are successful in reaching them, the Cylons will vent the entire ship of all atmosphere, and after the entire crew is dead, will use the ship's guns against the rest of the fleet wiping it out.

Act 2

  • Gaius Baltar, holding a baby, finds himself in the ancient ruins of Kobol where a rescue party has landed lead by Commander Adama who approaches him.
  • Adama asks to hold the baby, to which Baltar consents, and asks if this is the shape of things to come. When Baltar says yes, Adama responds with "only one thing for it then" and begins to walk away.
  • Baltar follows the commander, wondering what he is planning. Adama calmly takes the baby to a nearby stream and drowns her. A horrified Baltar tries to find the body as Commander Adama leaves.
  • Baltar wakes from his dream in the forest and is reassured by Virtual Six that everything is fine.
  • Gaius then notices a pile of human skulls and bones partially hidden. Six tells Baltar that they were victims of human sacrifice, and that the Scriptures are lies, fabricated to cover up how barbaric life on Kobol really was.
  • On Galactica, Apollo's team arrive at a small arms locker, where they hear a noise that turns out to be Jammer hiding. Once inside they are dismayed to find only six explosive rounds, the others presumably taken by other soldiers fighting the Cylons. Apollo distributes them among the now five team members taking the reload for himself.
  • On Caprica, Starbuck leads Helo to her apartment, where he notices paintings and poetry on the walls, which surprises him. Soon after entering Starbuck starts a battery-powered radio which plays piano-driven music composed or performed by her father.
  • Thrace searches through the empty cigar boxes until she finds one while Helo looks fruitlessly for food. The two exhausted Colonials sit down in the living room with Kara donning an old military jacket laying in the room.
  • Thrace then reminisces about how much she hated the apartment and how everyone is now fighting to get back what they once had.
  • On Galactica, Roslin's group finds the bodies of some of Galactica's enlisted crew, massacred by the Cylons. Among the dead is one survivor: a concussed and shell-shocked Anastasia Dualla. Billy manages to snap Dualla out of her shock and they begin to move forward again when Venner finds the way blocked by gunfire, and decides to take an alternative route.
  • In CIC, the crew hears news that teams manage to prevent stop the Centurions heading for Auxiliary fire control; however, there is still nothing to stop the others from getting to Aft damage control, leaving them still in jeopardy.

Act 3

  • On Kobol, Cally and Chief Tyrol take a rest after escaping from the Cylons. Tyrol begins to go into shock feeling responsible for Tarn's death until Cally snaps him out of it by yelling "talk, you motherfrakker". Tyrol laughs at this and he an Cally continue on to take the medicine needed by Socinus.
  • Further in the forest Baltar returns to the others, where he is harangued by Crashdown for breaking away from the group.
  • Cally and Tyrol rejoin the main group carrying the spare medkit and Crashdown asks where Tarn is. As a response Tyrol hands him Tarn's dog tags, and informs everyone the Cylons killed him.
  • Seelix then tells Tyrol that they have returned too late, and Socinus is going to die, not matter what treatment he receives. The only thing they can do now is relieve the pain and implies using a with lethal does of morpha.
  • Reluctantly, Tyrol agrees with Seelix and decides to be the one administer the morpha. After doing so Tyrol them tells him that a rescue party has arrived and they are going home. Seconds later, Socinus passes away peacefully.
  • On Galactica, Jammer manages to fix a phone, and Apollo is able to make contact with Tigh in CIC. Apollo informs him that they are chasing the Centurions and will dispatch them soon. Tigh tells him to hurry.
  • Elsewhere, Dualla notices the gun Billy is wearing, and shows him how to turn the safety if he is to keep it in his trousers. Venner discovers that the Cylons have de-pressurised a passage along their planned route and decides on another which goes past Aft damage control, where, unknown to them, the Centurions are heading.

Act 4

  • Apollo's team arrives at the Aft damage control, and station themselves around the passageway leading to it. Apollo encourages a nervous Jammer, who is about to fight the Cylons for the first time, and then tells to himself to fire a headshot, reload, then take another headshot.
  • Meanwhile, the Centurions are coming, and Roslin's team is trapped in a side room. Billy takes out his gun and accidentally fires it, drawing their attention. Roslin and crew try to escape while the Centurions open fire.
  • Apollo's team seizes the opportunity and attacks. Two of the Centurions are destroyed, but two Marines are killed in the process. Apollo quickly loads the last explosive round as the last Centurion charges. The Centurion leaps toward Apollo who manages to fire the last round destroying it.
  • With the threat over, everyone begins to relax and Venner notices bullet holes in Roslin's suit though she is unharmed. This leads him to state the gods must be looking out for her.
  • Back on Caprica, Starbuck finds a set of keys in her old jacket as they are resting in her appartment, and asks Helo if he is "tired of walking?"
  • Helo and Starbuck then leave Delphi driving her old surplus military truck with the Arrow of Apollo in their possession.
  • On Galactica, Roslin, Tigh and Apollo are all in sickbay around the unconscious Adama, Roslin assures Lee that Commander Adama will be fine before being taken back to the brig.
  • Tigh then tells Captain Adama that he is still shocked that he would side with the President against his own father. He goes so far as to say that he is unfit to wear a Colonial uniform. Apollo agrees but retorts that Tigh isn't either, and that what happens to both of them will be determined by his father after he has recovered.
  • After Apollo is taken back to the brig, Tigh remarks "thank the gods I didn't have kids", before sitting alongside Adama.


  • The title refers to a Bible quote which is recited several times by Samuel L. Jackson's character in the movie Pulp Fiction. It is cited as "Ezekiel 25:17", but is actually fabricated from several Bible verses. The particular phrase "Valley of Darkness" probably comes from Psalm 23:4, where it is usually translated as "the valley of the shadow of death".
  • The Fleet population cited in the opening credits is 47,874. This is one less than the previous episode. Prior to the opening credits, a Cylon kills Flyboy.
  • During the teaser, just before Flyboy has his ill-fated run-in with the Centurion, Louanne Katraine exclaims "Jesus!" in reaction to seeing the Cylon. This would be the second time that a "Jesus" ad-lib makes an appearance in the series, the first being from Michael Hogan during the Miniseries.
  • This is the first episode without an appearance by either Sharon Valerii or the future Sharon Agathon (except in opening montage). Other episodes in which no Number Eights appear include "Fragged", "Black Market", "The Captain's Hand", "Collaborators", "Taking a Break From All Your Worries", "Dirty Hands", and "Escape Velocity".
  • Karl Agathon reveals to Kara Thrace that the Cylons recovered the bodies and brought them to cremation centers, hence the lack of bodies.
  • Socinus, initially slated to die in early drafts of "Scattered", dies in this episode - euthanised by Tyrol.
  • Kate Vernon is listed as a guest star in the opening credits. However, her character, Ellen Tigh, is not in the final cut of this episode, thus all of her scenes are amongst this episode's deleted scenes.
  • The music that plays in Kara Thrace's apartment and again during the closing act of the episode is Metamorphosis Five, composed by Philip Glass. It is from Glass's 1989 album Solo Piano.
  • In the German broadcast redubbing of Cally's now-infamous "Talk to me, you motherfrakker!" line, "motherfrakker" is replaced with "blöder Arsch", which translates as "stupid ass". The real world equivalent of the curse word "motherfrakker" doesn't exist in German, and a direct translation into German would have sounded particularly obscene, so the line was changed, and the joke is therefore lost in translation.
  • The sign and countersign used by Tyrol and Crashdown on the surface of Kobol ("Flash!"/"Thunder!") was used by the Allied forces on D-Day, the first day of the invasion of Normandy, during World War II.
  • The apartment complex used in this episode is later reused as the prison-apartment on New Caprica in which Leoben Conoy holds Starbuck captive at the start of the third season ("Occupation" through "Exodus, Part II").
  • The sun painting on the wall in Starbuck's apartment is later revealed in Season 3 episodes to be a representation of the Eye of Jupiter subconsciously painted by Thrace. The symbol has later complications to the destiny of Thrace.
  • The Colonials use internal combustion engines, such as Starbuck's truck and the vehicles seen in the flashbacks in "Act of Contrition".
  • Colonel Tigh's statement at the end of the episode is bitterly ironic given that the Significant Seven Cylons view him as their father (Islanded in a Stream of Stars).


  • The Centurions in this episode can only be destroyed by explosive rounds, which is a large plot element. However, in episodes before and after "Valley of Darkness", Centurions have been seen being destroyed by regular bullets. These Centurions might have heavier armor because they are being used for a boarding action and will see heavy fighting. When episode writer Bradley Thompson was asked about this by Battlestar Wiki, he answered:
"Centurions are constantly being upgraded - new ones come out with better armor, quieter servos, better battle software. Some are designed for different uses (the ones designed for submarine use have REALLY heavy armor but are exceptionally slow, and have reduced ammunition carrying capacity.) Not to mention that the Colonials have remarkably bright backyard engineers -- they've been hot-loading our small-arms rounds, coming up with better armor-piercing projectiles -- it's the constant ebb-and-flow of wartime technology."
  • The fate of the Heavy Raider in the starboard bay is unknown. It's possible that, like Starbuck's captured Raider, the Colonials keep it for study. However, the crash may have damaged it beyond repair. (The Fleet later gains a second, intact Heavy Raider. Its FTL guidance system is used in tandem with Caprica-Valerii for the Caprica rescue mission (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I).)


  • The remains Baltar and Six find cannot be thousands of years old; they should not have been able to survive in the open. Did the Thirteenth Tribe leave Kobol recently? Do humans, at least until recently, still inhabit Kobol? Or were all the remains merely fabricated hallucinations by Six? (Probable Partial Answer, Probable Partial Answer)
  • Are the human skeletons real, or a hallucination created for Baltar by Six? If the skeletons are real, is Six lying when she says they are the result of human sacrifice (i.e. they could have been from the cataclysm that drove humanity off of Kobol)?
When asked about this episode writer Bradley Thompson answered: "The question at the bottom of this is: "Who is Six?" In such cases, I'm not going to embellish what Ron & David have put on the screen."
  • Why would later humans have felt it necessary to cover up the nature of civilization on Kobol? Is it related to the reason why Kobol was abandoned in the first place? How would the Cylons have found out? Did Six just make it up, or could it be the Cylon interpretation of the scriptures? (Probable Partial Answer, Partial Answer)

Official Statements

From RDM's blog

  • "We've almost completed shooting the opening of Season Two, with Michael Rymer back at the helm filming a two-parter written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson called 'Scattered' and 'Valley of Darkness.' Things have been going well so far, with a good mood on the set and a feeling of satisfaction and pride running through the whole team at their accomplishments in year one and anticipation for year two."[1]
  • "Apollo's betrayal of Adama's decision to arrest the president is detracting from the believability of the show for me. I'm listining to your podcast of ep. 113 as I write this and you just said Lee is "a more capable, more competent, leader . . ." He's also struck me as a fairly honorable character. If he had doubts about this mission I think he would have at least voiced them and then not gone along with the strike team so he would not have been put in the position he was. I hope you won't use Adama's near death experience at the end of season one/start of season two to "write off" these betrayals, esp. Apollo's. His was much more unforgivable considering his relationship with Adama, his leadership role in the fleet, and the battle between the president and Adama. I find it hard to see Lee continuing as CAG after this. "
You bring up valid points and we are planning to play out the consequences of Lee's decision as it impacts both him and his father over the course of the season.[1]

Noteworthy Dialogue

Cally: (exhausted from walking) What do you say we take five?
(Chief Tyrol is still in a state of shock from having lost Tarn to a surprise attack by the Cylons and leans against a tree)
Cally: How much further, do you think?
(Chief Tyrol ignores her)
Cally: Tarn getting wasn't your fault, you know that right?... Chief?
(Chief Tyrol is silent)
Cally: Talk to me, you motherfrakker!
(Chief Tyrol turns around and looks at her strangely)
Chief Tyrol: (laughing) Motherfrakker?
Cally: Socinus better appreciate this.
Chief Tyrol: He's probably lying in the sun, staring up at the birds like some Gods' damned emperor. He's an idiot.
Cally: I hope he's okay...
Starbuck: (to Helo, sarcastically) Your girlfriend’s from a lovely family, good people, great values.
Kara Thrace: (sitting on her couch) You know, I never really liked this place anyway. Air conditioning doesn't work in the summer. Heater doesn't work in the winter. The rent's a crime...(lights a cigar)...After they attacked, I never pined over any of my old crap. Never missed it. Stupid view of the parking lot. Broken toilet in the bathroom...You know, everyone I know is fighting to get back what they had. I'm fighting because I don't know how to do anything else.
Lee Adama: Let’s go toaster shopping.
Chief Tyrol: How's he doing?
Seelix: He's not going to make it.
Chief Tyrol: What? What do you mean? What are you talking about? We got the medkit! Give him a shot! Give him another shot!
Seelix: It's too late.
Chief Tyrol: What do you mean, it's too late? I got you the medkit! What else do you want? (looking stunned) So the medicine you asked for...Tarn...and for what? For this? Come on! You have to do something. You have to do something!
Seelix: We can't change that he's going to die, Chief. It's going to be slow and painful, and we can spare him that if we give him the morpha from my kit and the one that you brought back.
Chief Tyrol: What? No. (looks at Crashdown) LT..LT, come on!
Crashdown: He's your man, Chief.
Chief Tyrol: Give it to me. (takes morpha from Seelix and leans down beside Socinus) Hey buddy. It's the Chief. How you doing?
Socinus: (wheezing) What's going on?
Chief Tyrol: Oh, you know...listening to the birds. I got you a little something for the pain. (injects morpha into Socinus) Good news, buddy. The recovery party's here. Raptors just landed. We're going to put you on one and take you back to Galactica, okay?
Socinus: We're going home?
Chief Tyrol: Yeah...(tears welling in his eyes)...we're going home.
(Socinus passes away)
Colonel Tigh: I can't believe you sided with that woman against the old man. I wouldn't do that if you put a gun to my head...and you did! As far as I'm concerned, you're not fit to wear a uniform.
Lee Adama: Huh. You're right about that part. I am not fit to wear the uniform...and maybe I never was. Then again, neither are you. But this isn't my ship, and it sure as hell isn't yours. (motions at Commander Adama) It's his, and when he wakes up, he'll decide what to do with the both of us. (Captain Adama leaves for the brig)
Colonel Tigh: Thank the Gods I didn't have kids.
Lee Adama: Sometimes you got to roll a hard six.
Jammer: What does that mean, sir?
Lee Adama: Uh, I don't know. It's something my dad says.

Guest stars


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