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Vergis Corporation offices on Tauron.

The Vergis Corporation is a technology company based on Tauron, but operating throughout the Twelve Worlds in the years prior to the Cylon War. It is a direct competitor with Caprica's Graystone Industries. Its CEO is Tauron-native Tomas Vergis.

Headquartered out of Tauron City, the Vergis Corporation pioneered the development of a cybernetic brain called the meta-cognitive processor, or MCP. Though Graystone Industries CEO Daniel Graystone and lead scientist Cyrus Xander believed Vergis was years away from developing such hardware, the existence of the MCP comes to light when both companies begin vying for a defense contract with the Caprican government. While Graystone Industries had struggled for years with creating an independent brain for its Cyber Combat Unit prototype, the existence of the MCP at Vergis signals a direct threat to Graystone's acquisition of the robot soldier contract (CAP: "Pilot", "Know Thy Enemy").

Believing Vegis' MCP is the key to resurrecting his deceased daughter in the form of the prototype Cylon chasis, Daneil Graystone orchestrates its theft from Vergis Corporation's Tauron City labs. Discovering the brutal beating and murder of his lab technicians and the theft of his chip, Tomas Vergis seeks personal vengeance for Graystone's transgression, pushing his company to acquire Graystone Industries assets, including the Caprica City Buccaneers (CAP: "Pilot", "Know Thy Enemy", "The Imperfections of Memory", "End of Line").

Suspecting the MCP chip with which Graystone Industries secures the Caprican defense contract, Colonel Sasha Patel of Military Procurement secretly meets with Tomas Vergis, telling the CEO that if his company were to acquire Graystone Industries, it would inherit its military contracts. With Graystone Industries hemorrhaging cubits from a debacle involving its top-selling holoband product, and Daniel Graystone distracted by the death of his daughter, the Vergis Corporation is successful in seizing control of the Caprican technology giant and begins production of 200,000 Cylon soldiers for the Caprican Military (CAP: "End of Line", "Unvanquished").

The takeover is short-lived however, and through the blackmail and manipulation of board members, Daniel Graystone successfully regains control of his company from the Vergis Corporation. A short time later, humiliated by his defeat, Tomas Vergis kills himself in Graystone's home (CAP: "Retribution", "Things We Lock Away").

Before his death, Tomas Vergis compared his company with Graystone Industries, saying Graystone was a "toy maker" (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy").

Though Graystone Industries is credited with the creation of the Cylons, the development of the MCP by the Vergis Corporation actually indicates a joint venture between the Caprican and Tauron companies in the birth of the Cylon race (CAP: "Apotheosis").



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